Why Are You Single? And A Few Other Dumb Questions I’m Always Asked!

ASOS Blue Dress..“She putting on her make up.  She casually allure.  Text message break up, the casualty of tour.” _Kanye West (Devil in a New Dress)



Why I’m I single?  If I hear that damn question again I just might scream.  As I roll my eyes to the back of my head I can vaguely hear in a clown voice “You’re such a pretty girl you such be in a relationship.”  That normally followed up by so more bullish I don’t want to hear like I have a friend.  Because I was raised well I just smile and give a slight giggle.  However,  I really want to say “Why have you been with (insert man’s name) for years knowing he’s cheating on you?”  or “You’re so pretty you’d think your man would be faithful.”  Is that to shady?

The whole conversation makes me so sick.  Even more than the when are you having children question.  This question is offensive on so many levels.  With so many women struggling to have children to ask a question like that can be heartbreaking.  Even to assume every woman wants children is very old school thinking.


Asos -Blue dress


When I’m asked what I do often times my reply depends on who’s asking?  The question what’s a blogger is not a dumb question however the questions that follow my answer to that question are often are.  In what world is it on to ask ok to ask a person how much they get paid or do you get a lot of free stuff.  You won’t ask an accountant how much they’re paid.  How about a teacher?  As for “free stuff” that’s not the case for many bloggers.  They are some “bloggers” who only talk about things they’re paid to talk about.  However, many of us are providing our true opinions when the items are free or not.

Another blog question or maybe I should say statement is “Why do you call yourself fat?  You shouldn’t say yourself fat.”  I get that a lot when I tell people that my blog’s name is The Fat Girl of Fashion.  I don’t look at the word fat as an offensively.  For me, it’s just another adjective.  Just like petite, or beautiful.  I’m happy being fat and I don’t allow other’s issue make me feel any other way.


ASOS Blue Dress.

This is another statement but I felt the need to add it this fun post.  You don’t have children so you don’t have responsibilities.  This statement tickles me ever time.  As if bills only arrive at your doorstep when you start a family.  Stop telling people without children they don’t have responsibilities or limitation.  I have so many bills I won’t date a man named William.

This question came up at theCurvycon.  When someone says to a plus size person you have so much confidence.  When someone says that to me I would like to myself like what?!  As if my dress size should make me less confident.  If I was a size 6 my confidence wouldn’t even be in question.  I found it funny (not) that so many attendees have experienced the same issue.
ASOS blue dress ..


Why do women who not wear makeup and or weave feel the need to tell me with a beat face and a long Nicki weave they don’t wear makeup and or weave.  Sis, I can see that.  Hell Ray Charles can see that.  Because I choose to wear makeup or a cranial prosthesis doesn’t make me any less a natural woman.  I love a good highlight so deal with it!

What are some of the dumb things people say to you?  What are some of the dumbest questions you get asked?  This is a safe space go ahead and vent,  lol.  Leave in the comments your own crazy question or share your response if any of mine are the same as yours.


Asos -Blue dress ...




Asos -Blue dress ..

Asos -Blue dress .....

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  1. Omg Toya! I’m feeling this. Yesterday at work a woman walked up to me and said “I don’t wear lipstick or big earrings because I look like a clown… but it looks great on you!” Ouch – Lil nice… Lil nasty…. Lil off topic but needed to rant! Xo

    1. Yes like as if all dark skin girls should be ugly and a pretty one is rare.

      Working from home means can you “Go for” how about NO!!!! haaaaa

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