My #asxtcfstyleexpo Experience

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Jumpsuit | here  Belt | here 
Purse | Not available Shoes | similar


I’m very happy I¬†attended¬†TCFStyleExpo¬†powered by¬†Ashley Stewart. ¬†As I said when I attended theCurvycon;¬†Often times when I attend any fashion event I‚Äôm the largest woman in the room and many of the looks are not even sized for me to purchase. ¬†It was great to find myself in a room full of fabulous fatties again. ¬†The TCFStyleExpo was held in Atlanta, Georgia and was a two day event worth coming to.

This two-day event connected plus size brands, fab fashions fans, shopaholic, bloggers and their readers.  There was something for every type of curvy chick.


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Day one ¬†breakfast panel was “The Business Of Plus Size Fashion Panel.” ¬†The panel included Susan Moses, Gwen¬†DeVoe,¬†Chenese Lewis, Sarah Rae,¬†Monif Clarke¬†and moderated by NikkiFree. ¬†It was great to hear from women in the fashion industry has prove that being in fashion is much more than just being a model. ¬†They shined a light on the components to the plus size industry such as styling, blogger, business management and business ownership. ¬†The Business Of Plus Size Fashion Panel.


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Day one second panel Styling 101! was presented by Dia&Co. ¬†The paneslist were Shun Melson, Meghan O’Connor, Reah Norman, Patrick Cooper and Nadia Boujarwah and moderated by Porsha Coleman. ¬†They spoke about how you could turn styling into a business. ¬†I was happy to hear them speak about the behind the inner workings of styling. ¬†Things like the importance of having good credit as a stylist. ¬†They explained how fashion lines require a credit card to the cost of the loaner clothes. ¬†This was much needed information for a person starting out.


I then rushed to my hotel to change for the VIP and Media Mixer Presented by Chevy. ¬†The mixer was fun. ¬†We were able to let our hair done and danced the night away. ¬†I got to bump hips with some of my favs. ¬†The mixer got me primed and ready for a late night with some of the girls¬†at Wet Willlies. ¬†Let’s just say my Snapchat was lit, lol. ¬†¬†

Day 2 stated with a Blogger Brunch Presented by Ashley Stewart. ¬†The invite only event had a panel that spoke on taking current blogs to the next level. ¬† After the panel the expo hall opened with a ton of shopping. ¬†The presenting sponsor Ashley Stewart hosted ¬†a mini fall trends fashion show.¬†¬†Day 2 had a second panel “This Body: A Conversation About Self-Acceptance, Body Image And Size Diversity.” ¬†Sponsored by Lane Bryant wants to continue the conversations of self-acceptance, body image and size diversity.¬†¬†The last panel of the day was “Model 101: So You Want to Be a Model?” The panel give insight and information needed to jump start your modeling career.


asxtcfstyleexpo recap 4Pictured with Princess of personalbravery
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Pictured with Sweatinmascara

asxtcfstyleexpo recapTee | here  Pants | here  Purse | Not available Shoes | similar

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I took a sneak peak at Fashion To Figures fall collection #Ineedthisjacket

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I received this dress as a gift from Fashion To Figures

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Stretch African print designer Maria Paulina

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After the expo closed I rushed to do an outfit change for the Curves and Karaoke After Party presented by Fashion to Figure.  The Karaoke party was such fun.  We song and danced the night away.  


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Pictured with Shapely Louise

asxtcfstyleexpo recap 13Naturallyfashionable and Simplycurvee

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Check out some of Marie’s performance at the Fashion To Figures¬†karaoke Party


You can see highlights from the TCFStyleExpo  by following the hashtag #asxtcfstyleexpo on social media

I’m glad I attended and I can’t wait until next year!

Below is a mashup of my snaps and basically how I spent my weekend at TCFStyleExpo and the reason you should be following me on snapchat.  Enjoy!!!!!



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