Gwynnie Bee | Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jean |Plus Size Review

Gwynnie Bee Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jeans“Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep.” _Beyoncé



First, let me tell you a little about the Gwynnie Bee service before I get into my review of these Melissa McCarthy Seven7 jeans.  Gwynnie Bee is an online subscription-based clothing rental service.  They provide women’s clothing in sizes 10-32. Members pay a flat monthly subscription fee and are able to rent a large collection of clothing.  Now that you know the secret to my ever changing wardrobe on to the review.


Gwynnie Bee Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jeans ..........

This is my first time trying on Melissa McCarthy Seven7 jean brand.  I didn’t have a personal guide to go on for the sizing of the jeans.  I did use the sizing guide provided by Gwynnie Bee on the website.  I was still was a little worried so I requested a size 18W and 20W in the same jeans.  The jeans are stretch pencil in the cape code wash with side zip pencil.  These medium wash stretch-cotton jeans have a fitted thought leg and a button-closure. The front rise is 12″, Back rise: 17″, Leg opening: 6″, Inseam: 28.5″ (from size 16W).  The jeans do not come with front pockets how they come with zipped back pockets.

Gwynnie Bee .

The jeans make-up are cotton / polyester / spandex.  The paneled seams and classic blue wash, this skinny stretch jean are the contemporary edgy look I love.  I paired the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jeans (18W) with this Rolling Stone tee (2X) and these fab shoes.  Now that I’ve fallen in love with these Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jeans I glad I can purchase them right from Gwynnie Bee.



These jeans are soft and very comfortable.  The stretch in the jeans is great.  The stretch didn’t give or get loose throughout the day.  The cut made me feel very good about myself while wearing them.  I’m a fan.


Gwynnie Bee Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jeans .........

This is a great look for a girls night or date night or even just hugging the block doing your hood girl Cardi B glow up. Oooooooooooooooow!!

Side note: Are you feeling my new hair style?




Gwynnie Bee Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jeans ....






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  1. Yes boo I’m feeling the new hair. I love it! So Gyweenie Bee just rents out clothes or can you buy clothes on there as well?

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