The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries

The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries .........“When I said I wanted to go out and eat; I didn’t mean a cookout” _ thefatgirloffashion



The Makossa Cookout began in 2010 as an intimate affair in small Brooklyn, New York backyard. Since then, the party has enjoyed a rapid, organic growth, expanded to Los Angeles and is now a premier summer destination on both coasts. Makossa Cookouts features live DJs spinning a balanced mix of hip-hop, R&B, Latin, reggae, electronic, and dance music. It is their ability to traverse many genres that’s their trademark and biggest appeal. Drinks, games, and a food menu featuring the best of what summertime has to offer rounds out the experience.  Before I go any further, please be aware that this was not your garden variety day drinking party.



The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries ......-


The Makossa Cookout brought their party to Chicago along with the good people of the Miller Lite.  We had a day that was full of good music, good food and good vibes at the Wise Owl.  The event was hosted by Dee Phunk.  There were 5 DJs!  Four of the DJs were from their Brooklyn and Los Angeles crews.  They also had Chicago’s own King Marie. They brought the Midwest vibe full circle with Detroit’s Waajeed as a special headliner.  Waajeed is a music producer, and one-half of the hip hop and R&B group Platinum Pied Pipers, and a founding member of Tiny Hearts.  



The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries ...


The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries ......-:::The second of three #MakossaCookout #KickbackSeries events is taking over #Chicago and my cousin Carla and I had to be in the place to be.


The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries ......

I’m so glad we arrived early because the #MakossaCookout got packed quick!



The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries ....


The Makossa Cookout |Miller Lite #KickbackSeries ......-.

The food was amazing and of course, we loved the Miller Lite drinks.





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