Grits&Biscuits Dance Party |Chicago| First Time Party Tips & #OOTD

GB 2017 8“I twirl on my haters” _Beyoncé



I first attended my first Grits and Biscuits party in 2015 and I’ve been in attendance ever since.  It gets better and better every year.  The first time I went I went alone. Year two my friend and her sister joined me.  This year year three those two came again along with their partners.  It’s great to come together with close friends and former classmates to dance to your favorite sings current and pasted.  The idea of peaceful partying never changes but the music evolves and I’m here for it!

GB 2017 5

Ladies I writing this post for you.  Many attend this event for the first time and make mistakes that I’m here to help with.  Here’s a few of don’t for Grits and Biscuits:

  1. Don’t wear heels – People come to dance and heels won’t cut it.
  2. Wear loose fitting clothes – Bodycon are super sexy however when dudes start bumping and grinding that dress might end up over your head, lol.
  3. Don’t get your hear done – Save your coins because your curls won’t last.
  4. Warm up – You don’t want to hear “Drop lock and pop it” and then you can’t unlock it once you’ve popped it.
  5. Don’t over pour – The music and the crowd’s body heat will have any person who’s had a little to much wasted fast.
  6. Don’t get made with a random dances on you – It’s a party it’ll happen.  Just move to the side and don’t make a scene.



GB 2017 4

GB 2017 3You can easily see people of all ages and races shoulder to shoulder shaking it fast.

GB 2017 1

In Chicago the party is  held at the House of Blues

GB 2017 2

When you walk in you’re given a Grits and Biscuits “church fan”.  They’re gold so hold on to it because you’ll need it!

Wearing: Large Just A Kid From Chicago Tee|1X Biker Shorts | 20 Distressed Skirt





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