Grits and Biscuits Chicago 2015



I’m excited that Grits and Biscuits Southern dance party is coming back to Chicago at the end of May. ¬†This announcement on social media set my DMs a fire. ¬†Many asked me about my thoughts on the last Grits and Biscuits party I attended and if I would be going to this up coming one. ¬†I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the May 27 House of Blue date that sold out in 5 mins. ¬†A little birdie has told me that they may be adding more tickets for the 27th date or added another date. ¬†Yep the 28th. ¬†The Slade brothers suggest you turn on the notifications for @GritsandBiscuits on Instagram for you don’t want miss out on the added tickets. ¬†I’ve moved the below post from my old site for those who had questions on my thought on the last Chicago Grits and Biscuits party.
Grits and¬†Biscuits¬†is a¬†Southern¬†dance party that hits the road and brings the party to you. ¬†This dirty South set powered by¬†E.Z.Mo Breezy¬†and¬†Dj Square Biz¬†on the one’s and two’s was¬†honestly¬†one of the best parties I’ve ever been to! ¬†Grits and Biscuits made it’s latest stop in Chicago this past weekend. ¬†Originally one date 09/11 was set for the Chicago stop at the House of Blues. ¬†This never ending traveling party sold out within the hour like many of the Grits and Biscuits parties. ¬†They added a second date for the following day. ¬†I was able to snatch up a ticket for the second date. ¬†I’m very glad I was able to attend.
I was made aware of the traveling parties though¬†twitter. ¬†A few months ago the good people of Grits and Biscuits came to Chicago and I was told I just had to go. ¬†I was told the tickets went of sale at noon. ¬†I wasn’t thinking the tickets would sale out quicker than Beyonce tickets so I wasn’t ready at noon. ¬†Around 5p.m. that same day I went to buy¬†the tickets for myself and a few friends. ¬†The tickets were¬†unavailable. ¬†I was thinking that it was the system down I called the House of Blues directly and with a sad voice the ticket agent told me the tickets had sold out. ¬†I then took to Twitter where I read tweet after tweet of people who had tried getting tickets and were slow in acting like I was. ¬†So when I heard they were coming back on 9/11 I still didn’t get the tickets but when they added another date it was my mission to go. ¬†I waited on the tickets to go on sale like guys wait in line for new Jordans.
Grits and Biscuits was everything I needed in a Southern dance party.  Founded in 2010 by E.Z.Mo Breezy, Grits & Biscuits is a premiere entertainment concept that celebrates the southern experience through urban music, cultural connections and nightlife moves in a down home environment.
The night I went Dj Square Biz was whipping up the hits. ¬†He was so turnt up I couldn’t help but dance. ¬†I believe he’s the first DJ I’ve ever seen dance start to finish though his own set. ¬†I was asked to come on stage with a few other girls and guys. ¬†This was amazing. ¬†I was able to see him first hand put in work. ¬†I can see and I can feel that he has a true love of music. E.Z.Mo Breezy is the perfect M.C. ¬†He had the whole crowd engaged. ¬†He acknowledged returning party goers and welcome newcomers such as myself. ¬†He gave a moment to allow frats & HBUs to have their shine. ¬†He made it clear he wasn’t going to stop the music and he didn’t. ¬†Music played nonstop from the time I walked in until I walked out. ¬†I found it funny to be handed a fan when I entered the party but after hearing all my favorite hits from past and present I quickly got an understanding. ¬†E.Z.Mo Breezy even joked at the girls that wore high heels because this was a true dance party and no one was going to be standing around.

The next few stops for the Southern set are Orlando, Los Angeles, Detroit, Greensboro, NC, Washington, DC. you can go to and see the party dates and when the tickets go on sale.  You can also follow the party online on using @EZMoBreezy also on using gritsandbiscuits






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