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The current movie being screened:


Screening date: Monday, April 11th

Screening time: 7:00PM

Screen location:

ArcLight Chicago

1500 North Clybourn Avenue

Chicago, IL 60610


Use the link below to be the first one to see the new movie BARBERSHOP – THE NEXT CUT


Movie Info

It’s been more than 10 years since our last appointment at Calvin’s Barbershop. Calvin (Ice Cube) and his longtime crew, including Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer), are still there, but the shop has undergone some major changes. Most noticeably, our once male-dominated sanctuary is now co-ed. The ladies bring their own flavor, drama and gossip to the shop challenging the fellas at every turn. Despite the good times and camaraderie within the shop, the surrounding community has taken a turn for the worse, forcing Calvin and our crew to come together to not only save the shop, but their neighborhood.



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barbershop next cut

At the movies is a new section I’ve added to  I will be providing links to movie screening passes for new movies.  I want to let you know a little about the passes.  These are first come first serve.  This means signing up for a pass does not guarantee entry to the movie.  Entry is based on seat availability when you reach the first of the line.  I suggest that you arrive to the movie theater early so that you can gain entry to the movie showing.  I will only be offering FREE viewing passes.  You will NEVER have to pay.  Don’t pay for passes or entry.  If someone ask for you to pay they are scamming you.  I only ask that you use my hashtag #FatGirlApproved on social media when sharing info on the movie you’re going to see or have seen using my link  PASS WILL BE UPDATE OFTEN SO CHECK BACK DAILY FOR NEW MOVIE PASSES Oh one last thing, Food is not included.  So bring a few dollars to cover food and drink if you want to have a snack while watching the movie.  I’m excited to offer you free viewings and I hope you enjoy the movie!!

For travel information, visit or save with my codes for Uber latoyaw21 or Lyft LATOYA308013.  If you drive can save $5 on your parking space with my SpotHero link. 

Can’t make this one.  See if you can make one of the free Movies in Millennium


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