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I was lucky enough to score a pair of tickets to the the Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavs game. ¬†*insert emoji smile* The blogger in me thought¬†black ball grown! Sounds about right!! ¬†Just kidding , lol. ¬†I was however ¬†a little stuck on what to wear. ¬†Should I be a super fan wearing Bulls gear from head to toe. ¬†Or be extra with a floor length mink with¬†Jimmy Choo shoes like a diva. ¬†Chicago Bulls games have become a real fashion event. ¬†And now that the Bulls have added¬†Dwyane Wade to the team I could find myself seating shoulder to shoulder with his wife and Birth of Nation star Gabrielle Union. ¬†If I’m having this issue how many other fashionable sports fan were? ¬†I came up with a few looks that’ll cover all style mavens for any sporting event.



Super Fans Love Baseball



Earring | Hat| Jacket | Lipstick | Fan Hand | Watch | Jersey | Bracelet | Shoes | Jeans



Fashionistas Love Basketballs



Cape | Lipstick| Earrings | Ring| Bracelet |  Blouse | Cell case | Purse | Pants | Shoes



Divas Love Basketballs 



Wrap Coat | Bodysuit | Earrings | Lipstick | Necklace | | Clutch | Pant | Heels | Ring

Comment below with which style maven you are? Super fan, the fashionistas or the diva?

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