First Date At Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago



A few weeks ago I said how I was  Preparing For Cuffinโ€™ Season.  I said how I was going to be more open to dating.  Today we have entered pre-season in the cuffin’ season and I haven’t made much progress in being cuffed.  Honestly! Truly! I haven’t taking any of my own advice.  But I’m putting my heel down.  In order to achieve anything you must have a vision.  So I thought about what I would want to do on my first date.  Dinner is a given but I would like to do something that would allow us to talk.  The first thing that came to mind is a visit to Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

I was lucky enough to see Kerry James Marshall exhibition while it was at MCAC.  I found the collection to be bold and beautiful.  A celebration of blackness.  Mr. Marshall’s work will be in Chicago until 09/25 before it’s moved to NYC where it’ll be housed at the Met.

Ideally for me spending time with a person that will help me grow as a person is best.  Art does that.  It’s a reflection of life past, present and future.  I was moved in seeing how a person could dream up something in their head and make it come to life for the world to see.  Thinking outside the box when trying to get to know a person can be so beneficial.  I’m thinking The Adler Planetarium next.

I left the museum feeling like this dating thing could be nice, lol.  So I’m going to start working on it!  I’ll let you know what happens next.









Dress| here โ–  Purse | similar โ–  Necklace | here โ–  Shoe |similar


strapless-black-dress-rue-107-4Thank you to the special man that held my hand.

Thank you Tot Jones of totallytot for taking these amazing photos.


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