Preparing For Cuffin’ Season



dating 101


After seeing Southside With You I felt like I was hit with Cupid’s arrow.  I was in love with love but then it hit me.  I’m as single as a dollar bill.  I’ve been very single for a while now and I think I’m really to start dating again.  There are a few things I need to do to get myself in the proper mind set for dating.

dating1) Become open to dating.

I haven’t been making myself available to dating or a relationship.  My main focus has been on my blog and making it successful.

dating 1022) Shorten my want list.

My good girlfriend told me that my what I want in a relationship list was unrealistic.

dating 1043) Stop thinking all men are liars.

I can’t stand a liar so if something doesn’t add up I’m quick to be out.  I need to stop looking for the lie.

dating 1054) Start an online dating profile.

I would prefer to meet someone the old fashion way but I need to be open.

dating 1035) Go where the guys are.

I go out a lot but it’s mainly blog related and when I get to events I’m all business.  I’ll need to start going where the action is.

dating 106

Hopefully with these changes I’ll have a bae by the start of cuffin’s season.

Wish me luck!

Are you looking for love? What are you doing to find it? Comment below with your answer.

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