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Promontory 201


I found about the Miller Lite #IDDCmustlovebeards #kickbackseries day party from my blogger boo Ivory Jinelle.  When I was in L.A. we had dinner and she got on me about my dating life.  I told her I pretty much work and do events for my blog.  She wasn’t having it.  What seemed like the second my plane landed in Chicago she sent me a message about the day party.  I told a handful of friends about the party but I ended up going alone.  Which was fine I usually go to all my blog events alone.  This time felt a little different.  To be honest I was very nervous.  I don’t know why but I was.  I took longer than I normally do getting ready.  My friend tried to coach me though my silly fears.  I shock off my doubts and hopped in my Uber.  I told myself that my Too Matte With Love lippie was all I needed, lol.    Besides there are very few place I can go in Chicago and not know someone.  Turns out this day party was no different.  You can read my thoughts on the day party here.


face 200

I wanted to wear my new bandeau top by any means, lol.  Rain or shine.  I matched it up with about 125,376,364,375 combinations.  I have a matching scarf but decided not to wear it.  For people out there that take issue with me having my stomach out I say poke your eyes out if you don’t like what you see.  My fat sisters would have been proud because I walked in head high thinking …


Bandeau top.gif


miller party


miller party 1


My thoughts: If you do purchase from AṢỌ DÁRA I would suggest buying the head wrap and wearing it as a bandeau top also.  That’s what I did.  Getting both isn’t really necessary unless you want to have a matching head wrap & bandeau top.  If that’s the case just get two head wraps if you like have more fabric to work with.  I really like the packaging my items came in.  I was also sent a handwritten thank you note.  The shipping was fast also which is always good!  Pieces sell out fast so if you see something you like buy it.  I am not an affiliate.  You can read my thoughts on the Miller Lite #kickbackseries with I Don’t Do Clubs day party here.


Bandeau Top


Promontory 201Shawl |similar ■ Top (SOLD OUT) | AṢỌ DÁRA ■ Jeans | similar ■ Purse |similar ■ Hat | similar ■ Shoes |similar


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