Miller Lite’s #kickbackseries #IDDCmustlovebeards

Promontory 100

I went to Promontory were I Don’t Do Clubs connected with MILLER LITE to present Must Love Beards“THE KICKBACK” series Chicago!  This 21 or older to attend kickback started at 2 p.m. and ran to about 8 p.m. I’ve arrived around 6 and the party was in full affect.  There was a line to get in.  As I a stood in line people were leaving.  I must have had the sad face but they felt to the need to tell me that the party was worth the wait.  In my mind was thinking I hope so.  It was!!!  I had low expectation based on the last party I went to.  You can read about that here.  However this was so much better.  Everyone was there for the same reason and that was to dance and party.

#kickbackseries #IDDCmustlovebeards


Promontory 106

The day party for free to attend which was nice.  All partygoers got an ice cold Miller Lite.  I sipped on my drink as I walked around.  It was good to see everyone having a good time.  It put me in the mind on the time I went to Grits & Biscuits.  DJ Sean Mac had the crowd going.

Promontory 202

There were some unique styles.  Everyone was fashionable.

Promontory 108

Promontory 101

Promontory 104

People were dancing up a storm.

Promontory 105

Promontory 109#kickbackseries #IDDCmustlovebeards 100


#kickbackseries #IDDCmustlovebeards 101

Promontory 102

#kickbackseries #IDDCmustlovebeards 102

This Miller Life #Kickback was dope.  Very happy I went and I’ll be looking out for I Don’t Do Clubs next party. Get details on my #IDDCmustlovebeards #OOTD here.


You can use the hashtags #THEKICKBACK & #IDDCmustlovebeards to follow party.

See Snaps from Miller #THEKICKBACK | #IDDCmustlovebeards here.



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