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Premme Dress and Pink Cape ...“Behaving like a princess is work. It’s not just about looking beautiful or wearing a crown. It’s more about how you are inside.” _ Julie Andrews.



While I was headed to the Friday night mixer at the TCFExpo a little girl stopped me and said: “You look like a princess!”  I responded “You can be a princess too! You can dress up any day you want.  I prefer Tuesday.”

Premme Dress and Pink Cape .....


These pink cape had me the second I saw it.  I know I had to have it.  When I tried it on I stood in the mirror for awhile just looking at myself and smiling.  It’s from the straight size section at a Chicago store.

I often say don’t just stuck to plus size stores when stopping.  Many straight size stores do have some oversized pieces.  I also look for accessories in straight stores.  Open your mind when shopping.  Of course, not everything in a straight size store will fit but you might find something fab to kick off an amazing outfit!




Premme said this is not your average denim dress. This medium wash off-the-shoulder midi is inspired by 1950s style, with an update that is totally 2017.  This dress comes with rose gold buttons, side cut-outs, and deep, oversized patch pockets.  The Premme site states this dress is true to size, but has stretch for comfort and support. They don’t recommend sizing down or else the buttons will gape.

Premme Dress and Pink Cape ....
Premme Dress and Pink Cape .
premme dress

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  1. Hahaha that’s a perfect response to the little girl! I love it. The cape is so cute, with all the ruffles and layers draped down! I’d wear it everyday!! 💕💕 – Cori

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