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Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe visited the Chicago Humanities Festival to speak with Britt Julious about her new book “This is just my face“.  This hour long talk gave great insight into the person who is known internationally as Precious.

With that the first takeaway for the talk is the power of ones name.  Gabourey spoke about how for years she fought off being called “Gabby”.  As a child she found her name and the proper pronunciation of it very important.  She added that when people call her by her iconic character’s name she politely corrects them because she doesn’t want to be only known for in her budding career.

The second takeaway was her relationship with her father.  Gabby spoke about how her ideas of her father had been formed at the age of 6.  Family issues (read the book for the tea on him) caused by her father laid the foundation on how she would deal with him.  Her feelings for her dad did not change until she started writing her book.

My third takeaway was her handling of her mom.  People live their lives though their own eyes.  These same people will project their issue onto you because that’s all they know.  These people include moms.  Gabby spoke about her current views on getting married.  She gave insight on how her grandmother’s thoughts on her mom and if she would get married.  In turn Gabby’s mom shared her views to Gabby and her getting married.  Gabby in a since, stated she broke the cycle on living life though the lens of her mom.

The fourth takeaway was how funny Gabby is.  Gabby spoke about how she would love to do a dramedy.  She has a dry wit that I’m here for.  She finds herself to be funny and laughs at her own jokes.  I saw that for myself, lol.  She has lived a very interesting life that I could see myself watching a show loosely based on it.

The last and the most important takeaways ways for me was the idea that you can love and believe in God but still seek help for mental health.  Gabby joking said “I love Jesus but I needed a pill.”  She goes on to say that the black community needs to be more open about mental health issues and not making a person feel “crazy” when they do seek help.  I firmly believe this.  I’ve told people I love to see a mental health provider.  Talking to a good girlfriend is great.  Everyone needs to vent from time to time.  However, you can not unload on a home girl like you can with a trained professional.


gabby sidibe


I’m loving Gabby book.  I was over the moon to have a front row seat as she opened up about her life.  I’ve been a fan on Ms. Sidibe since seeing her in Precious.  Even though the movie was hard to watch it was great seeing a woman who looked like me starring in a movie.  As a dark skin woman of size I don’t see myself on screen as the star.  Fasting forwarding to now, I love that Gabby is not going to allow herself to be pigeon holed into the “fat friend” roles.  Many of her statements and feeling were just like mine on life, dealing with parents and choosing your own path to happiness.  I was great to see her telling her own story.  If you haven’t had a chance to pick her book “This is just my face” I encourage you to and give one to a friend.




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This is just my face when Gabourey Sidibe said she liked my dress.






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  1. Happy to see more people from our community talking about mental health! It is something that is always swept under the rug and chastised as a lack of fact when indeed it’s a health issue. You will take a pill for blood pressure, but not for bipolar disorder. Definitely glad this on the forefront.

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