Cropped Tops and Ripped Shorts | #tcfstyleexpo #OOTD

plus denim shorts #TCFExpo ...“Shine bright like a diamond” _ Rihanna



I love to play with fashion.  My style can be described as whimsical glam.  When I first saw these Missguided jean shorts I know I had to have them.  It’s not offered that I see short ripped to this degree in plus sizes.  They were fabulous alone but I know I was bringing them to TCFExpo I wanted to add a little something something to them to make them stand out.

I went to a local fabric store and purchased a rhinestone applique.  Rhinestone appliques can be expensive however I found it to be worth it.  I hand sewed the applique to my short.  I’m not a sewer at all so believe me when I say it’s easy.  I placed the applique on one side of the shorts and cut it to fit the pattern of the ripped jeans.  I then sewed it down.  I then repeated the process on the other side of the jeans.

Who you like me to do a video on the process?  If so leave a yes in the comments!




plus denim shorts #TCFExpoAshley: Bandeau Top▪ Here| Pants ▪ Here

 Toya: Ripped Denim Shorts ▪ Similar|Ruffed Top ▪ Here |Shoes ▪ Similar
When you attend events like TCFExpo you want to be creative and show your personality through style.
plus denim shorts #TCFExpo ..

plus denim shorts #TCFExpo .....

The top I’m wearing is a from straight size section.  I chose to not wear my arms through the sleeve and wear the top as a tube top.
plus denim shorts #TCFExpo ....I applied a rhinestone applique to this ripped denims to add a personal style touch.  I purchased the applique from a local fabric store.
plus denim shorts #TCFExpo ......

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  1. Natalija Nati

    I love how you paired jeans and cropped top, I love the way you shine and how confident you are. I wish you to continue being so cute and adorable in your next style lookbook <3

  2. BSBbabe

    I love your bold style especially when you rock crop tops. I’ve always been too self-conscious, but one day….Also, great job on the shorts. I dabble with DIY but applique is on a different level.

    1. thefatgirloffashion

      Thank you so much. Start off small with crop tops. I like to pair them with Kimonos for a little cover up. The appliqué was easy. I hand sewed it to the shorts. It isn’t on there for life but it works lol

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