Plus-size Women’s Health & Fitness

I wanted to bring attention to the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women.  This attention must include Plus-size women without focusing on weight and weight loss.  Keep reading about plus-size women’s health & fitness.

Plus-size Women's Health & Fitness



Plus-size Women's Health & Fitness, plus-size fitness

Plus-size Women’s Health & Fitness

I have been what is considered plus-size my whole life.  Before continuing this post I need you to know this not a post focused on weight.  Nor it’s this post focused on the importance of weight loss.  Personally I believe too many women and men for that matter focus on a magical number when thinking about health and fitness.

Believing if a predetermined number is achieved than life will be perfect.  This is so not true.  All the problems you have before will still be the same problems after.  I take that back.  Smaller sizes do have a larger variety of clothing options.  However, being small won’t make a person fashionable.  Having been plus-size my whole life I know this to be FACTS!!!!


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Plus-size Women’s Health & Fitness: Movement

Movement is the key.  Just Do It!  Just move.  I’m not as active as I should be.  But I do move.  Do what’s best for you for today.  I say for today because tomorrow is a different day.  And of course, yesterday is gone.

I have a friend that’s a fitness blogger and she pushes me and pushes me.  It doesn’t help.  Move for yourself and at your own pace.  Motivation is great but it has to be welcomed.  I will not be pressured into joining a gym.  As a plus-size woman, I don’t feel welcomed there.  And I don’t feel the need to do 900 hundred different kinds of sets.  I have come up with my own routine and I add different things to it here and there to keep it spicy.


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Plus-size Women’s Health & Fitness: Plus-size Fitness Inspiration

Like I said before “Motivation is great but it has to be welcomed.”  With that being said partnering with someone is great.  Having fitness inspiration is great also.  However, make sure the person you’re using as inspiration is using the same methods of fitness you have access to.

I’ve seen people secretly get weight loss surgery and then turn into “fitness gurus” out of thin air.  Their followers see the rapid weight loss associated with gastric sleeve or bypass and unknowingly believe that those results are attainable for themselves.  It just can’t or won’t happen.


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Plus-size Women’s Health & Fitness: Overnight Success

Changes in your health conditions and or weight didn’t happen overnight.  So be kind to yourself when you don’t see the snapback you’re looking for after starting your fitness journey.  At my current age of 41, my health and fitness are centered around quality of life.  Quality of life is the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.  For me, that’s not having to take daily medication beyond my vitamins.

I have found that being more active helps with my mental health as well.  I’ve also been working on increasing my energy level.  The rush of endorphins is great on the days when I’m feeling a bit down.  Within the brain endorphins reduce pain and boost pleasure, resulting in a feeling of well-being.  They’re released during activities, like exercise.

We know a natural focus on my health and fitness will not result in a change in our body make-up overnight and that’s ok.  Keep on keeping on.  Push yourself to JUST DO IT!


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