Plus-Size ‘80s Baby

I’m a plus-size ‘80s baby.  Kids of the ‘80s are just different. The ‘80s is a whole mood when it comes to fashion.  This Eloquii puff sleeve acid wash denim set is giving all the retro vibes needed in 2020.





Plus-Size ‘80s Baby

I was 2 years old when the great age of ‘80s fashion began.  ‘80s fashion was a mixture of Pop and Rap street style,  and especially the Hip Hop music gene started taking over the airwave.  Along with 80’s TV shows like Dynasty with their oversized fashion elements influence my fashion sense at a young age,

Hair in the 1980s was typically big and curly.  Women from the 1980s popularized the high volume hair along with bright, heavy makeup.  Everyday fashion in the 1980s consisted of colored lips, dark and thick eyelashes, and pink or red blush.  Everything I love!

Plus-Size ‘80s fashionDenim Puff Sleeve Top / High Waisted Acid Wash Jean / Link Chain Headband Mini Slouchy Pillow Clutch / Nester Bow Mules Sandals

Fit details: In the Denim Puff Sleeve Top and High Waisted Acid Wash Jean I sized up in both.  I’m normally a 18 sometimes 20.  I went with a size 20 in both.  There is no stretch.


Plus-Size ‘80s Baby: Puff My Sleeves Please

As a little Black girl, I was clothed in loud bright clothing, denim, and puff sleeves.  At the time, I had very little control of my fashion choices.  I was a product of my mom’s styling.  However, I was in love with my mother’s fashion picks.  For me, she could do no wrong.

Picture it: The mid to late ‘80s.  My mom had the biggest honey-blonde feathered mushroom you could ever see.  The Oprah show began airing, causing me to be late for school.  My mom had to sip her coffee and catch the first segment of the daily talk show on our floor model television.  Note:  We lived directly across the street from my elementary school,

The ‘80s.  What a time to be alive!  I can remember recording the first music video on our family’s VCR.  Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two.  Yasssssssss I had it going on.


Plus-Size ‘80s Baby, mom Mom being mom


Plus-Size ‘80s Baby: Inspired

I love looking at old family photos of my mom, my aunts, and her friends.  Looking back through my now-adult lens, the ‘80s was a carefree time for me.  Looking back through my now-adult lens.  I didn’t understand how my family struggled to make ends meet.  How many times we went without lights or gas.  Or even taking a note from mom to Sam’s (local corner store) asking for food supplies on credit until she received her next allotment of food stamps.

It was the decade I create for making me the person I am today.  Over-the-top, vibrant, and creative.  The paring of the denim acid on acid look brought back all the 1980s nostalgia of my youth.  When I saw this look on the Eloquii website I felt excited all over.  I had seen ‘80s inspired clothing here and there, but I wasn’t truly moved by the pieces.  Currently, I’m not going to any fancy dinner parties in these pink heels and mini purse.  I did, however, decided to cruise on down to one of my favorite spots: The grocery store.



.Plus-Size ‘80s denim look

Faux Gold Bamboo Hoops  / Similar Ring Set / Similar Bracelet  

Plus-Size ‘80s Baby: Made Me Me

Kids of the ‘80s are just different.  Growing up in the era of Reaganomics I learned early about “voodoo economics”.  People were scammed out of millions and then told they were not working hard enough to achieve the American Dream.  Feels like what we’re living through now, right?!  Even with all that the ‘80s was a whole mood.

I’m in love with Eloquii‘s puffed sleeve top and high waisted acid wash jean, take on the retro-modern look.  In this look, I know I’m not going to “Push It.”  Just ask Salt-N-Pepa.  It’s completely glamorous, fun-spirited, and very Dolly Parton-approved.

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