Goodbye Summer

Even with 2020 making every day appear to be like groundhogs day I’m sad to say goodbye summer.  See you later short shorts.

Goodbye Summer, plus-size fashion blogger


Goodbye Summer

It almost seems unreal to be saying goodbye to summer.  2020 has not been kind to anyone.  So many tripped canceled.  Brunches missed.  Masks covering makeup.  And stay at home overs.

After thinking about it all why am I sad to see the summer of 2020 go.  I truly am going to miss one of my favorite summer treats elote.

Goodbye Summer, lifestyle bloggerSleeveless Trapeze Dress ▪ Ruched Clutch ▪ Nude Heel

Fit details: In this Sleeveless Trapeze Dress I sized down.  I’m normally a 18 sometimes 20.  I went with an XL.  The dress goes up to XXL and is available in 3 colors.


Goodbye Summer Fashions

The official end of summer is September 22.  There could also be warm days to mid or end of October.  With that being said it’s time to start thinking about how to transition into fall.  Warm weather turns cold faster than we think.


Goodbye Summer, summertime Chi


Goodbye Summer, I’m Planning For 2021

I had so many travel plans this summer.  From April all the way to December I was packing a bag and flying somewhere.  Looking for adventures in every travel arrangement. I truly have missed reuniting with all my pal at events.  Not seeing my blogger boos and online buddies has really hit different.

I’m going to claim it now.  2021 is going to be my travel year!  I’ll be flewed out I promise.

Goodbye Summer, end of summer 2020

It’s been a strange year.  We’ve handled it all in great fashion.  We’re never given more than we can handle.  I’m thinking positive.  Fluffy sweater and warm chocolate cocoa here I come.

It may hard to say goodbye to summer but saying hello to fall makes it that much easier.

Now that summer is almost over what are your fall plans?




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