Thrifting While Plus-Size | Menswear

Thrifting while plus-size menswear.  Within this post, I’m talking about thrifting while plus-size inside the men’s department as a way to be chic on a budget.

.Thrifting While Plus-Size | Menswear


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Select items are thrifted from local thrift stores in the Chicagoland area.  Links Above links are for similar items from retail stores*


Thrifting While Plus-Size | Menswear

Being plus-size and shopping for clothes that fit hasn’t always been the easiest task.  More than fit a real issue can be the cost that really kills.  That’s why I look for thrift stores as a way to look fashionable while staying on a budget.

Plus size women can find some real jewels within the menswear department at the local thrift store.  Plus women can have broad shoulders, long arms, and a wider waistline.  Even though we are feminine menswear often plays well to our body shapes.  To complicate matters, some brands seem to believe plus-size women don’t want to dress in current trends.  Good thing what’s old is new again.


Thrifting While Plus-Size | Chic Dad Vibe

While thrifting I found myself gravitating toward chic dad looks.  I am a huge fan of jeans with elastic waist jeans.  They tend to be high-waisted and figure-flattering.  I love to pair them with a fitted tee and a Member’s Only style jacket.  I’m basically stealing clothes from dad’s closet.  This classic and conformable look is ideal for fall.



Thrifting While Plus-Size | Dollars Saved

Buying gently used clothes is nothing less than a win-win!  Save dollars by getting someone’s boyfriend jeans and not designer one, lol.  Vintage finds like these jeans, button-down shirts, tuxedo jackets, and T-shirts not only saves us dollars but recycling these clothes we save the planet also.


Thrifting While Plus-Size | It’s Just Clothes

There’s a reason some of the hottest brands right now are offering gender-neutral lines.  In casual clothes, men and women have been openly wearing each other clothes.  Think of recently how Beyonce’s Ivy Park and Adidas launch their collection with all pieces being gender-neutral.

So don’t get catch up in what section of the store an item is in.  If you’re thrifting and see a piece you love then buy it and give it a new home.  I mean it’s just clothes.

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