Luxury Look | Monochromatic Plus-Size Fall Sweater Set

Luxury look monochromatic plus-size fall sweater set just speaks “I’m ready for the season to change in every way.”  An easy way to look luxe affordable.

Monochromatic Plus-Size Fall Sweater Set, fall plus-size fashion




Luxury Look | Monochromatic Plus-Size Fall Sweater Set

Monochromatic looks are one of the easiest ways to achieve a luxury look.  For fall monochromatic looks are clutch.  Cream, tan, burnt orange, and burgundy are colors I love for fall fashion.  Pairing polished separates in slightly different hues is everything that fall requires.

Tip: Play around with different textures within the overall tonal look.  Think vivid colors over bold patterns. 


Monochromatic Plus-Size Fall Sweater Set, cream sweater setLongline Sweater / Midi Sweater Skirt / Ruched Bag / Nude Heel

Fit details: In this two-piece sweater set I didn’t feel the need to order the largest size available. It’s from straight size however it’s also oversize in fit.  I went with a size 12 in both the Longline Sweater and Midi Sweater Skirt.  Honestly, I could have gone with 10 for a slimmer fit that I prefer.  I’m normally an 18 sometimes 20.


Luxury Look | Monochromatic Color Match

Monochromatic looks don’t require an exact color match.  The colors should be in the family.  They don’t have to be twins or even sisters.  Cousins yes!  It’s all about the elements.  Layer with accessories if we’re going with a simple yet luxe look.

Tip: Bring a summer bodycon forward to fall in a luxurious way by adding a textured sweater in the same color family.  A tight in the same hue along with a matching bag and boot or fall flat.


plus-size fall fashion, cream sweater


Luxury Look | Monochromatic Color Heavy Style

Whether it’s top-to-bottom jewel tones, winter whites, or a neutral ensemble, monochromic dressing definitely a visual pleasure for the fall seasons. Don’t be afraid to experiment.  If a complete monochromatic is too bold for you try breaking up the color heavy style.  Adding a nice pair of jeans or a white shirt is the wave also!

Tip:  To make sure the look is styled sophisticatedly the jeans or white top added need to be crips in their color.  Dark denim and bright whites will make the rest of the monochromatically aligned pieces look effortless!

Sweater Set, nude clutch, nude heel, plus-size fall style


Bonus tip:  Darker monochromatic color schemes are more forgiving the clothing selection when trying to get a luxury Look.  Keep in mind I’m not talking about cost.  I’m referring to quality.  Achieving a luxury look can be done with thrift store finds.  Focus on the quality not the cost of the pieces when trying to create a lux monochromatic plus-size look.


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What’s your go-to monochromatic color scheme?


 plus-size Sweater set


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