Plus Size Petite And Feeling Great! Cherry Blossom Jacquard Kimono

ASOS Kimono in Cherry Blossom Jacquard‚ÄúWhen you have completed 95 percent of your journey, you are only halfway there.‚Ä̬†_Japanese Proverb



My recent visit to New York for New York Fashion Week has taught me so much about myself. ¬†Every time I leave Chicago I take with me all that I’ve learned from being born and raised in the city of big shoulders. ¬†This world will chew you up and spit you out if you let it. ¬†Are you good enough? ¬†Are you pretty enough? ¬†Are you thin enough?What are you wearing? ¬†Are you on trend? ¬†So many thoughts swirling in my head. ¬†Self-doubt can creep in so fast.

ASOS Kimono in Cherry Blossom Jacquard ...

Your mind can play tricks on you. ¬†Having you believing everyone is doing so much better than you. ¬†And that you will never be good enough. ¬†What’s a girl to do? ¬†I personally stop and thank God for keeping me in my right mind. ¬†Take a moment and speak to your God or higher power. ¬†Connecting with something greater than myself helps me remember the world is much bigger than myself and what I’m going through. ¬†I like to reflect on how far I’ve come. ¬†Be grateful for the small blessing is a way I make it through each day.

ASOS Kimono in Cherry Blossom Jacquard ..

Am I good enough? ¬†Yes! ¬†Social media is nothing but a big Bow Wow Challenge. ¬†That’s why I only compete with myself. ¬†I am my only competition. ¬†I don’t worry about the next person and what they’re doing. ¬†Am I pretty enough? ¬†Am I thin enough? Yes! ¬†I don’t let the mainstream¬†media tell me what’s beautiful. ¬†I love my¬†round face and brown skin. ¬†I am gorgeous¬†just the way I am. ¬†I do work to improve but not to change. ¬†There is a huge difference.

What are you wearing? ¬†Are you on trend? ¬†More often than not I’m wearing something from my favorite brand ASOS. ¬†The site is updated daily so I’m always on trend. ¬†They speak to my personal style. ¬†So I don’t worry about what others are wearing because I’m comfortable in my ASOS style choices. ¬†As you can see above with some of the kimono options above you have so many choices that you can freely create a look that speaks to your own personal style.

ASOS Kimono in Cherry Blossom Jacquard .......

The kimono I picked is from the straight sizes. ¬†I’m wearing a size 14. ¬†I am plus size yet¬†petite¬†in height so this over sized jacket worked great as a dress on me. ¬†I opted not to wear a formal top but a Lane Bryant bra. ¬†The jacket did open slightly at the bottom so I added a burgundy faux leather mini skirt in a patent finish (size 3X). ¬†I got these Gucci glasses for a steal while doing some retail therapy. ¬†The purple in them worked so well with the pink green and white of the kimono. ¬†The shoes from¬†Aldo¬†come with velcro straps and are super comfortable and easy to get in and out of. ¬†Cute pink¬†lippie¬†and¬†earrings¬†and this look is done and done.


If you’re looking for more style ideas. ¬†Wear your kimono¬†as a true jacket and add in a shirt and jeans. ¬†However, if you choose to wear it just add touches that make your personal style shine through.




Black Enterprise lexus #GoodlifeChi





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