7 Plus Size Bloggers say “I’m A Carefree Fat Girl”




Last week I spoke about what it takes to be a carefree fat girl. I got so much support from my readers.  Of course my Chicago people reached out however, I had some many other ladies comment on Instagram, twitter and Facebook saying how they wish they could live a more carefree life.  In the age of social media bullying it can be hard to grow your self confidence.  And sadly easier to have it torn down.

I reached out to a few plus size bloggers who with their style and personal mission are living life carefree.  Beside me telling you to block fat-shamers on social media or attending the theCurvyCon these ladies will offer you other options to a carefree fat life.



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“I’m a carefree fat girl because I value me, the mental and physical. The opposite of carefree is anxious and careful. Hunny, when I step onto the scene, adorned in whatever, I’m confident and very much so unapologetic.” Leah of beautyandthemuse.net



Chasi of sweatinmascara.com “I’m an athlete and I do not wait on others to validate my passion for fitness. I love dance and I teach it passionately regardless of the size stereotypes and that makes me a carefree fat girl.”



“I think you’re a carefree fat girl when you’ve created your own lane in plus size fashion and you can see that the success of other fat girls doesn’t represent your own failure. When you can lift others up and instead of tear others down, you’re truly carefree!” Alysse of readytostare.com



Ashley “I know I’m a care free fat girl because I live by my own set of rules! No matter what anyone says about my weight, my clothes, my size, my aspirations…I do whatever makes me happy and feels good to my soul!”



“To be a carefree fat girl you have to live and walk in your purpose apologetically. You can’t spend your days trying to fit your large frame in the world’s narrow view of beauty. Don’t let your weight decide what you can and cannot do. Dance as a fat girl, love as a fat girl, and live as a fat girl!” Faith.



Darlene of suitsheelsandcurves.com “If you can look at yourself naked and smile at every curve, mark. lump and bump then you are a carefree fat girl.”


I want to thank all the ladies again for offering their feelings on what it takes to be a  carefree fat girl.  As you can see each has their on approach to happiness.  Personal joy can be achieved in many different ways.  Be sure too follow all of these influencers on social media for encouragement and style inspiration.




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