Self Care | Winter Blues



Fall has just arrived¬†and I can already feeling the start of the winter blues. ¬†The sun is disappearing sooner making way for dark evenings. ¬†This season I’m being proactive with some of the things I’ll be doing to help my mood. ¬†Here are a¬†few¬†things I’m doing to get started.




Start doing daily affirmation journal.

Tell yourself great things about yourself. ¬†Write down the great things people say about you to read later. ¬†We easily tell others what we love about them but it’s harder to do the same for ourself. ¬†So writing down what others find great about you will make it easier.

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Hit the delete button on your social media feeds.          

We all have that one friend that is a Debbie downer. ¬†Delete them! ¬†You don’t have to see day after day these people and their sad Instagram¬†post. ¬†You are not required see their drama filled Facebook statuses. ¬†Don’t read their woo is me tweets. ¬†At the least mute them.


Give your body attention.         

Wear things that feels great next to your skin.  Get a sexy grown to wear at night.  Moisture.  Dry skin gets itchy and will make you feel bad.  Self sooth.  Stroke yourself.  Look lovingly at yourself.  No one can make your body feel as good as you can.

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Fix things that annoy you. 

Fix that¬†broken zipper, that¬†wobbly table, change that light bulb that’s out. ¬†Fixing these small things will give you a sense of accomplishment. ¬†Change always starts off small.



Be selfish.          

Get¬†something that makes you happy. ¬†It’s¬†Monday stop and¬†get a new dress. ¬†On Wednesday get a clutch. ¬†New shoes on Sunday, Why not! ¬†Don’t go broke now, lol. ¬†That’ll cause other problems.

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Get social.

Goof around for a bit.¬†¬†Get out of your comfort zone, even if it‚Äôs just talking to a stranger at the bus stop. ¬†Dance to your favorite song. ¬†Shake your booty. ¬†Have a good laugh even if it’s at yourself.




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