Top 5 Tracks from #ASeatAtTheTable


Solange, Tina’s daughter, BeyoncĂ©’s sister, Julez ‘s mom and Alan’s wife, dropped her latest album called “A Seat at the Table and basically broke the internet.”  Solange has been working on the album since 2013 and described the new album as “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief and healing.”

A Seat at the Table consist of 11 songs, an intro, a closing, and 8 interludes. Top 4 songs. The album features collaborations with the likes of  Tweet, Lil Wayne, Master P, The-Dream, BJ the Chicago Kid, Q-Tip, and Kelly Rowland just to name a few.



Track 13) Cranes In The Sky


The song speaks to what I’ve done to make myself feel better when I trying to deal with whatever I’m trying to deal with.  Be it pouring myself into my work, shopping unnecessary, or taking a lover not to feel alone.  

Favorite Line: “I ran my credit card bill up.  Thought a new dress would make it better”

Interlude 04) : For Us by Us Master P


Master P is speaking about knowing your worth. In life you have to know that some people will offer less than what you worth just because they want to get over on you.  

Favorite Line: “If this white man offer me a million dollars I gotta be worth forty, or fifty… Or ten or something.”

Track 06)  Mad feat. Lil Wayne


This song makes me think how some white people think about black people.  They don’t understand why blacks are mad about things happening around us.  They don’t deal with the always living with their backs against the wall.  Living with the unfairness.  For example Black Lives Matter movement.  Yes, All lives do matter but let’s focus on the black one for now. 

Favorite Line: “I ran into this girl I said I’m tired of explaining.  Man this shit is draining.  But I’m not really allowed to be mad”

Track 09)  Don’t Touch My Hair


Black people have “fit in”to accepted in.  No be so black.  Being black woman if I stand up for myself I’m seen as being a problem or a trouble maker.  I just want to be viewed as equal.  No better than and certainly not less than.  I don’t want to have to take my braids down in order to get the job.  

Favorite Line: “You know this hair is my shit, rode the ride, I gave it time/But this here is mine”

Interlude 09) I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews


Beware of cultural appropriation *drops mic

Favorite Line: “Don’t let anybody steal your magic yeah”

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  1. I agree with all the favorites. This album is so dope, on point, and the timing is everything. It’s so refreshing to hear some good music with meaning. I can’t stop listening to it!

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