Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz

This blog post is focusing on Amazon The Drop.  Detailing what The Drop is?  The current influencer Amazon has parted with.  My thoughts on the current collection.  A to Z Amazon The Drop reviewed | Kass Stylz.

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz


All photos are from Kass Stylz, Amazon The Drop, and Amazon Fashion social media accounts.


What is Amazon The Drop?


Amazon The Drop or The Drop is an Amazon-exclusive line done in collaboration with global influencers.  The limited-edition private label line started in early 2019.  It comes months after Amazon’s launch of its Staples by the Drop line.

The Drop has been a mega-hit by collaborating with Instagram influencers with a large and loyal following.  Because of this, The Drop has become like the hungry games of fast fashion.  Each piece from the influencer-driven collection is made on-demand once orders are placed.  This ensured that no fabric and materials are ever wasted.


What are The Drop sizes?


If you’re in the mood to update your closet then the collections from Amazon’s The Drop collaboration are a great option.  The current Drops are very size-inclusive.  The size available is XXS to 5X.  Or double 00 to 34.  As a body positivity influencer, this makes me so so happy.  I’ve personally spoken to Amazon via social media about their sizes so to see an increase in size option is nice.

Amazon says: To help you find the best size, use the size recommender on the product page of the item you are purchasing. Or, compare your measurements to our size chart.

What are The Drop prices?


Now that we know our size is available the next question is how much?  The Drop prices vary.  With must pieces ranging from $50 to $100.  And since we’re talking price let’s talk shipping.  Prime members receive free shipping on all orders (subject to Prime shipping eligibility policies). Non-Prime members qualify for free shipping on all eligible orders. The Drop is available to customers around the world! Note: You will not be charged for the items until they’ve been shipped.


Current The Drop Influencer


The latest capsule collection from Amazon The Drop launched today and, if recent history is any indication, it’s going to move fast.  Amazon’s in-house label The Drop teamed up with one of my favs.  The new drop is designed by Fort Pierce-based influencer Kass Stylz.  Her collection is only available to shop on the retailer’s site for 30 hours (or until it sells out).

Kass Stylz’s Drop collection is an eight-piece limited-edition capsule collection.  The collection includes four tops, 2 pairs of pants, 1 cropped jacket, and 1 jumpsuit. The standout styles are available in sizes XXS to 3X.  It is currently unclear why the made-to-order pieces for this collection are not going up to a 5X.


The Current The Drop Collection

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz collection


As with all of The Drop collabs the pieces are available for a scant 30 hours and can sell out sooner. If you see something you like below, pick it up quickly!


Buy It! Sulphur Spring One Shoulder Blouse$49.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Sulphur Spring One Shoulder Blouse.


Buy It! Floral Printed One Shoulder Blouse, $49.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Floral One Shoulder Blouse.

Buy It! Classic Green Crop Blazer, $ 74.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Green crop blazer.



Buy It! Classic Green Wide Leg Pant, $59.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Green wide leg pants.

Buy It! Brown Sugar Wide Leg Pant, $59.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Brown wide leg pants.


Buy It! Sulphur Spring Knot Top, $39.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Sulphur Spring knot top.

Buy It! Classic Green Knot Top, $39.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Green knot top.


Buy It! Brown Sugar Jumpsuit, $79.90 AT AMAZON

Amazon The Drop Reviewed | Kass Stylz Brown jumpsuit

Lastly, Other The Drop Tips & Info


  • Sign up for email alerts to get a heads up about new collections.

  • Follow the Influencers behind collections you love – and check their tagged posts on Instagram to get style inspiration from others who have shopped the collections.

  • Be sure to check the size guide for each piece.

  • If you’re unsure of sizing, buy multiple and return what doesn’t fit. Yes, you can return pieces so long as you follow Amazon’s return policy!

  • If you can’t score a piece you want, keep your eyes out for others’ returns here.


Are you shopping this Amazon The Drop collection?


Note: This collection goes live on March 8th at 11 am C.S.T. and will stop being available 30 hours from that time.  Hope this Amazon The Drop being reviewed helps!


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