Karoline Vitto | Plus-Size Luxury

In this blog post, the FGOF team is bringing to you Karoline Vitto | Plus-Size Luxury.  This brand is offering a fresh take on plus-size fashion.  Yes!!! the curves deserve luxury.  Keep reading for more.


Karoline Vitto | Plus-Size Luxury


All photos: Karoline Vitto (social media)


Who is Karoline Vitto?

Brazilian-born and London-based designer Karoline Vitto celebrates the most controversial and overlooked aspects of the female form.  The brand subverts the narrative about shape and size.  They celebrates the curves and accentuates the folds, placing the body in the centre of the design process.  Inclusivity and responsible use of resources are at the forefront of the brands mission.  Founded in 2020, with all pieces made on demand, ranging from sizes UK8 to UK28 (4 to 24 US sizing) they are at the top of my luxury wish list. 

The new brand is currently direct to consumer selling exclusively through their website Karoline Vitto.com.  Though London-based the luxury clothing line does ship order’s internationally.  With the all orders being made to order the turn time for orders varies between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the availability of the necessary materials.  Focused on sustainability they try not to overproduce or overbuy supplies, to keep our stock to a minimum and avoid unnecessary waste.

This method might take a little longer than other the normal retail experiences, but…that also allows Karoline Vitto a Nona Source mindful creativity ambassador to make sure they produce enough pieces of all the required sizes, it makes custom orders possible and it also helps in reducing unnecessary stock and waste – being more friendly to the planet.



“Accentuating the curves and celebrating the folds”



We are a womenswear size-inclusive studio based in London. All pieces are made by us, one by one.



Why does it matter?

The Royal College of Art graduate is putting a fresh face ending in plus-size fashion space.  Karoline Vitto came to my attention just the other day.  I was moved immediately to research and share all I knew with the wider plus-size community.

Being a fat dark-skin woman who lives for fashion its heartbreaking see collection after collection be released and brands continue to not make a space for you.  And when a plus-size model is attend to a show or a campaign they are the “acceptable fat girl.”  The size 12 hourglass shape that is truly not reflective of the plus-size community in the real world.  In seeing Karoline Vitto’s AW2023 runway show I saw myself in many of the garments.


In conclusion, It matters because clearly the fashion community is in dyer need for a sexy plus-size shake-up.  It appears Karoline Vitto is just the luxury brand to do it!  Thank you celebrating everything plus-size girls were told to cover-up and hide.



Are you here for Karoline Vitto?


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