Plus-Size Fall Style: Sweaters and Tiered Dresses

Plus-Size Fall Style: Sweaters and Tiered Dresses.  Are you looking for an effortless way to wear some of your favorite tiered dresses this fall?  This inspired look is an easy way to achieve this chic style.


Plus-Size Fall Style: Sweaters and Tiered Dresses


Fall Style


Plus-Size Fall Style: Sweaters and Tiered Dresses, plus-size fashion


Fall style is far from cookie cutter nowadays.  You can mix and match pieces from all seasons and still look right for the current one.  As summer fades away and fall creeps in we all are looking to get the most bang for our buck when it comes to out fashions.


Animal Print Crewneck Sweater / Sleeveless Tiered Dress / Wide Brim Fedora Hat / Opaque Tights / Ruched Bag / Boot

Fit details: In both the animal print crewneck sweater and the sleeveless tiered dress I’m wearing an XXL.  The animal print crewneck sweater goes up to a size 4X.  The sleeveless tiered dress is available up to a size XXL. I’m normally a size 18 sometimes 20

If you want to see how the sleeveless tiered dress looks as a standalone dress click here.  


Inspired Fall Style




This blog look was inspired by Jenee’ of highlowluxxe.  I recently because aware of her and her fabulous style through xxxx.  I was looking to support another content creator Blake of signedblake.  While looking into Blake’s collection I saw Jenee’ was also creating one.  Instantly I became a fan of her style.  I messaged her own social media about her own upcoming collection and she responded back.  I was pleased and somewhat shocked.

As an influencer myself it can be overwhelming to respond to all the comments and messages you might get.  That’s my feeling at times.  However, I do get back to all comments and to see her respond with very welcoming to me.

Tip:  I reached out to her on Twitter.  I personally have found that it’s easier to get responses from influencers as well as brands by using Twitter.  If you’re on Twitter be sure to follow me.  I can be found at @fatgirl_fashion.



Plus-Size Fall Style: Sweaters and Tiered Dresses

Sweaters are plentiful right now.  This fall style will allow you to wear them all in this vein.  There are so many options.  Matching the tiered dresses with a color from the sweater.  This look would play well with monochromic styling.  I’m also a fan of color blocking with the sweater and dress.


Plus-Size Fall Style: Sweaters and Tiered Dresses, thefatgirloffashion


Tip:  Play around with your accessories.  Metallic bags like the Oversized Metallic Silver Clutch pictured above are a great way to brighten up a fall look.



How are you prepping your closet for fall?




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