How To Wear A Summer Dress In The Fall

How to wear a summer dress in the fall.  As the leaves begin to fall off the trees it’s time to think about how to transition some summer pieces for fall while plus-size.  I’ve styled this summer fun tiered maxi shirt dress for fall as a way to get more life out of the piece.  Keep reading for a few budget-friendly tips.

Belted Puffer Jacket 







How To Transition For Fall While Plus-Size: Oversized Dresses

Oversized dresses are clutch in the summer.  This Abstract Print Midi Dress is one of many in my closet.  The easy on and off style is a slice of heaven.  Whether the dress is print like the one I’m wearing today or solid finding a way to add these kinds of dresses to our fall goes are as simple as 1,2,3.

Adding a turtleneck to an oversized summer dress not only will bring the look forward to the fall season it can also make the dress look luxurious.  Tip:  Select a turtleneck that is of good quality.  Somewhat thin with a firm neck.  One that will keep its shape without fall into winter. 


Abstract Print Midi Dress or Similar Abstract Print Midi DressTurtleneckWide Brim Fedora Hat / Opaque Tights / Ruched Bag / Black Heel

Fit details: Fit details: In this Abstract Print Midi Dress I ordered the largest size available. I went with a size XL because of the oversized fit. I’m normally an 18 sometimes 20. This sheer chiffon tiered maxi shirt dress has a loose relaxed fit. It’s light, floaty fabric with a grainy feel.


How To Transition For Fall While Plus-Size: Opaque Tights

I feel like I’m about to speak about something that everyone knows about however, for some reason I feel the need to say it again.  With that being said Opaque Tights are a fall staple!  Whether the tights are super opaque, control-top, or colorful get yourself some opaque tights.  As a matter, a fact get a few pair of opaque tights.

For fall leading to winter opaque tight not only add style to an outfit, but they also add warmth on a colder day. Tip:  I tend to size up in my tights.  When putting the tights on sizing up for one are easy to get on and off.  Also, sizing up keeps the tight’s color from looking thin again the skin.



How To Transition For Fall While Plus-Size: Fall Colors

When thinking about how to transition for fall while plus-size color is key.  Pulling fall color is always a great option when taking summer looks forward to fall.  For example, with the abstract print midi dress, I’m wearing I could have gone with many of the colors in the print.  Tan, taupe, or brown.  I decided on black for a classic and rich look.  I mean you never lose betting on black.

As a fan of matchy-matchy or monochromatic looks fall is time to try this style out.  Layer away my friends.  Tip:  If the dress has print then go with the darkest color.  If you’re on a budget pair the look with the color you have the most of.  If your opaque tights are dark purple and you have a bag that matches then go with that if it makes sense with your look.  Hey, it’s just clothes right!


Bonus tip:  The use of accessories is a great way to transition tor fall.  Wide brim fedora hat and boots are fall staples.  I’m also a fan of pointed toes flats for fall.  And that’s how to wear a summer dress in the fall.



How are you prepping your closet for fall?

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