A Bra and A Dad Suit – It’s a vibe!

The matching suit and a sexy bra has become my signature look.  Here’s why?  Learn how to rock this look also.


plus size dad suit


Look What A Pretty Bra

Clothes are meant to cover the body. For me, less is more.  Chicago weather is set up for more than clothes than I prefer.  I love a matchy matchy pants set.  And in adding a bra I have figured out how to style my match suits in a very sexy way.
It can be a lot being plus-size and feel sexy and confident in your own skin.  It’s important to work on your mental health as you grow within your fashion and beauty space.  We know t’s called self-esteem but like everything else in life, it’s ok to ask for help.

All bras are created equal.

Learn about the different types of bra.  Find the type(s) of bras you like.  Find your fit in the different bra.  You can be one size in one brand and a different size in another brand.  All bras are created equal.  I don’t have a small chest but wear a fit I like makes me feel good with my look.

Extreme dad suit blazer  /  Floral Printed Longline Bra  / Extreme dad suit pants / Mini Kensington Transparent Bag (similar)

Match Suits For The Win

A matchy matchy suit is not required.  I’m all for mixed prints and experimentation,  Go for any look that makes you feel better about you.  The matchy matchy suit doesn’t have to be solid like the suit featured in this post.  See below for an example of a matchy matchy print on print suit look I’ve paired with a bra.

Pink windowpane suit worn to the Wndr Museum.


Plus size blogger in downtown Chicago


The suit has to fit just right!

If I getting a suit online and not clear on how the set runs I’ll order to sizes.  Read online reviews left on the clothes.  Social media is a good place to get fit reviews from.  If someone is wearing a look on Instagram ask the person about the fit.  Too big and it may come off sloppy or too small and it’ll come off to tight.  The suit has to fit just right!


kurt geiger london bag


Play around with your accessories

Don’t ever feel forced to wear heels.  Rock your look with some sneakers and a drop oversized ruched clutch.  It’s ok to wear flats and a basket bag.  Hell if wearing a bra is just too much for you wear your suit with a graphic tee.  It’s only clothes have fun.


Do you plan on wearing a bra with your next matching suit?

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