Celebrate small wins! 

Celebrate small wins!  Halfway to a win and I’m celebrating.  Find ways to cheer yourself on.  I have and you should too.


Celebrate small wins!


All goals don’t have to be grand!

When June started the goal was to restart my blog.  I had become lost for works.  My “voice” was gone.  I know this had to change.  I was going to focus on pride and love.  Plus-size fashion looks to get back into the swing of things.


Jacket | Bra as a Top | Shorts


Lost and Found

My voice matters!

Now move than ever the platform of thefatgirloffashion is needed.  This platform speaks freely.  Not trapped by brand contacts and agreements.  A true authentic voice.

Day 15

Why am I celebrating a small goal?  Because I can!   Times have been hard.  Life has been in my face non-stop.  Hell in everyone’s face non-stop.  Being WOKE is tiring.  Not only have I been writing for my personal blog but I write for the local newspaper.  Reporting on a nation that doesn’t believe you matter as a person can take the wind out of you.


So Were Heve Let’s Celebrate

I have made it halfway to my 30-day blogging goal.  My goal is to create a blog post every day for the month of June.  I have done one a day for the past 15 days and I’m proud of me! Again everything doesn’t have to be great.  Celebrate small wins!


Random Thoughts In My Head

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