Random Thoughts In My Head

Quarantine has me with so many random thoughts in my head.  How to reclaim my wardrobe from Carole Baskin.  Should Issa stay with Lawrence?  And can we get 365 DNI with Idris Elba?  Did Nicki really diss Beyonce?


Random Thoughts In My Head: Carole Baskin


I miss wear animal print!

Carole Baskin and all her crazy has me not wanting to wear animal print.  It’s like Tiger King has put a hold on the joy of rocking it.  Wearing I go to wear it all I hear “Killed her husband wacked him.”  It’s too much.  I don’t care!  Carole you don’t owe my looks.  I’m the real Tiger Queen!


Animal Print Short Sleeve Collared Neck Shirtdress



Random Thoughts In My Head: Issa and Lawrence

Issa Run!

Insecure is setting back months of therapy.  Issa girl you in danger.  Collect your $200 dollars and pass go.  Unless Lawrence pulls out that ring his claim he brought leave his ass.  Three words = Baby momma drama.

Random Thoughts In My Head: 365 DNI

I’m damn near bilingual.  DNI is day is Spanish.  Netflix did a thing with 365 DNI.  So hear me out.  Can we get a remake with Idris?  And to help with the budget I’ll play Laura.  If you haven’t seen 365 DNI watch it alone.  You’ll need peace and wine.  Thank me later, lol.

Random Thoughts In My Head 1


Random Thoughts In My Head: Nicki dissing Beyonce

Nicki you have crossed the line.  I know who you were trolling and I’ll make sure the Beyhive is made aware at our next meeting.  Nicki I heard what I heard and I’m sick over it.  Beyonce is busy with Black Live Matter business but I got all the time in the world.


Random Thoughts In My Head

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