Should Brands Police Their Comments

In this post, I’m exploring should brands police their social media comments.



Should brands police their comments


If don’t have anything nice to say

Why people take time out of their day to make mean comments under people’s posts is a real mystery to me.  If you don’t like what you see just move on to the next picture.  But so many internet bullies just can’t help themselves.

In those cases should the brands who page it is manage their comments to protect the customers, models, influencers whose image is being displayed.


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Delete And Block


United We Stand!

When the brand doesn’t step up and do anything who’s responsible is it?  It’s often left up to the person themselves to speak out on their own behalf.  Others who follow the brand step in and respond.

Brands often don’t protect their people.  They allow people to go back and forward in the comments.  I know that some brands get a lot of comments.  Immediate actions can’t always happen but some action needs to be taken.


Online trolls attacked

Online trolls have attacked me and it’s not a good feeling.  Brands really should police their social media comments.  Remove the comments or blocked the troll.  These people do nothing but harsh within the comments.


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