Give the plus-size community what we want

Give the plus-size community what we want.  At times when I look at some fashion brands, I feel left out of the conventions.  I made a meme and I realized I wasn’t alone in my thoughts.


I made this meme randomly while on the train to visit family.  The reaction on Twitter was somewhat overwhelming.  I didn’t know so many people shared my thoughts.




With the response, I never felt so heard.  It’s not just me.  So many women are wanting more from brands.

The plus-size community wants

The plus-size community wants to have the same fashionable options as our straight-size friends.  It’s not hard if you, plus-size fashion suppliers, care.  There is a time and a place for moo-moos.  They are my go-to for cleaning up on Sunday mornings.  Not so much for brunch with the girls.  And sure not for date night.  If buyers within companies were more diverse the clothing would be more diverse as well.

Tired of tunics!

Plus-size fashion won’t change until those in the position of leadership looks as diverse as the plus community.  There’s needs to be room at the table for different ages, races and shapes & sizes.


Satin Fringe Duster  / Leopard Oversized Scarf (similar)  /  Drawstring Satin Pant  Oversized Ruched Clutch Bag  

Big Brands & Small Labels

I wish bigger brands would work more with smaller labels.  If these happened it would be a win-win for everyone.  The larger brand would get an influx of new ideas.  PLUS NOTE:  The plus-size community is not here for larger brands stealing ideas from smaller labels and calling it their own.  We want affordable looks but not stolen ones!



Does Your Seating Chart Include Black People?



If this post was a tweet what would it say?

We want fly looks damn!

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