Let’s talk pride.  The Stonewall Riots, as the days-long protest became known, is credited as the spark that ignited the modern-day LGBTQ-rights movement.


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When did pride start? 

Early on the morning of Saturday, June 28, 1969, LGBTQ people rioted following a police raid on the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, New York City. The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar which catered to an assortment of patrons, but which was popular with the most marginalized people in the gay community: transvestites, transgender people, effeminate young men, hustlers, and homeless youth.


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First Gay Pride Parade Was A March

On Saturday, June 27, 1970, Chicago Gay Liberation organized a march from Washington Square Park (“Bughouse Square”) to the Water Tower at the intersection of Michigan and Chicago avenues, which was the route originally planned, and then many of the participants spontaneously marched on to the Civic Center (now Richard J. Daley) Plaza. The date was chosen because the Stonewall events began on the last Saturday of June and because organizers wanted to reach the maximum number of Michigan Avenue shoppers. Subsequent Chicago parades have been held on the last Sunday of June, coinciding with the date of many similar parades elsewhere.


What To Do For LGBT Pride Month

The commemorative month is meant to recognize the sweeping impact that LGBT individuals, advocates, and allies have on history in the United States and around the globe, according to the Library of Congress.

Reach out to those in marginalized communities.  Get comfortable with those among us you think are different from you.

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