Pay Black Influencers

Now that Brands are at a moment of self-reflection I hope paying Black influencers is seen in that reflection.


Black squares on Instagram don’t mean a thing without action behind it.  If Brands really believe Black Lives Matter then pay Black Influencers should be the first thing on their to-do-list.




Gifts Are Nice But Pay Black influencers


Rent is due and they want cash

Yes, hire black influencers.  Or should I say hire black influencers for more than gifting campaigns.  Black content creators have all the same bills as everyone else.  When the rent is due the landlord wants cash.

Before you hit send on that email saying how big of a fan you are of [ insert name of Black Influencer here] think would I do this for free?  You know people talk.  We hear about non-Blacks getting paid campaigns while Black Influencers are offered exposure.


Bon Appetit’s Sohla El-Waylly isn’t a black woman however, as a content creator of color she has exposed pay issues on a very high level.  To work with the Bon Appetit brand is foodie goals.  And to find out they are not paying the online talent of color is jaw-dropping.  As a fan of the Bon Appetit YouTube channel, I had started to question why there was no Black online talent.  Could it be because they were not paying?




Action Without Works Is Dead Pay Black influencers


Dear Brands,

Put your money where your Instagram posts are if Black Lives really matter to you!

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