Check On Your “Strong” Friends: We’re Not O.K.

Check on your “Strong” Friends: We’re not O.K.  Times are difficult for all of us.  But that one friend that handles everything so well just might be having a tough time.


Check On Your "Strong" Friends: We're Not O.K.



plus size blogger, Check On Your "Strong" Friends: We're Not O.K.

Hey girl hey

Phone a friend.  Call your friends and ask if everything is o.k.  I have a confession I prefer calls to text messages.  And FaceTime calls are my favorite!!  However, I know some people are texters.  Do what’s best for you.

Hello is a powerful word.

If you don’t have an Apple product to FaceTime from there are a ton of apps you can use to see each other face to face.

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Set up a date with your strong friend

In this era of social distancing, brunch dates are unlikely.  But you can meet up at your local grocery store and spent a little time together.  As you pick up your essentials you two can catch up.

black blogger, Check On Your "Strong" Friends: We're Not O.K.Please resist asking personal questions on social media.  That can be very offputting. 



Don’t ask my neighbors, come to me.

Don’t go around asking other people about your strong friend.  It can come off as you being nosey and less concerned.



Check on your “Strong” Friends: We’re not O.K. were hungry

Drop them a few dollars via Paypal or Ubereat.  You don’t have to break the bank.  Just a small token to make them smile.


Are you the strong friend?

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