Does Your Seating Chart Include Black People?

Some tasks are easier to cross off your list than others. Post a random unity picture.  ✓.  Donate a random amount. ✓.  Send a letter to email list telling them black lives matter.  ✓.  Pats self on back.  ✓.  Make no other changes ✓✓.  Does your seating chart include Black people?


This applies if you are part of a brand, a creative, or the person who controls the PR/ marketing list.  When you’re making a seating chart for your next events please include a black influencer.  Many find arranging their guests lacking.  I’m here to let you know you create events, marketing campaigns, do influencer trips and black influencers aren’t invited to participate there’s a problem.  Adjust your seating chart.


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Make Space – Does your seating chart include Black people?

When factoring in how many tables your venue can accommodate.  How many people it can hold.  Remember to include black influencers.  There isn’t an event, issue, fashion show, campaign that does have a black influencer who can speak to the topic.  Make space for black influencers.

Black influencers just want the same opportunities.

Don’t be a gatekeeper that can offer black influencers opportunities but chooses to bar the doors.  One yes is the start of change.

Is it worth it?

Yes!  Full stop.  If you find it hard you may want to look inward.  Does your office include black people?  If not think why it doesn’t.  If yes do you make them feel comfortable?  Do you make them feel valued or a person there to meet your quota?




Raise the bar and have more than one black person in the room.  Make sure it’s a safe place.  Don’t allow your other guest to make your black guest feel uncomfortable.  It will reflect bad on you.  Sorry but it’s true.  Stop and think are you surrounding yourself with open-minded people?  Birds of a feather flock together!




We all like Beyonce

Know that we all have more in common than not.  I mean we all like Beyonce.


Hope to see you at your next event!!

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