LIZZO, Naked Honey Palette & URBAN DECAY

Within this blog post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Urban Decay’s Naked Honey Palette and attending Lizzo’s Chicago tour stop with Afrobella.

“I love my wide face, high cheekbones and double chin!  I’m a bad bitch in my @urbanddecaycosmetics!!!_Lizzo


The Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette

The Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette is the newest addition to the Naked family.   Urban Decay has brought us a 100% cruelty-free palette is a combo of retro glam and golden glow.  The palette comes with 12 exclusive shades named Amber, Honey, Drip, HBIC, Hive, Keeper, Swarm, Flyby, Golden, Sting, Sweet, and Queen.  Urban Decay says the Honey Eyeshadow Palette is perfect for creating a swarm of looks, from bright and sunny to dangerously seductive after dark.  Adding it’s raw and sticky sweet, just the way nature intended.

The Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette comes with a vegan and cruelty-free double-ended brush.  The Matte or metallic shade can be taken from day to night.  The Naked Honey Eyeshadow palette really was the star of my Lizzo inspired look.



Urban Decay X Lizzo

Many beauty brands are working to be more inclusive.  So a brand like Urban Decay selecting Lizzo as one of their Global Citizens is really a forward move.  As a fan of Lizzo I appreciate that she is unapologetic in her celebration of self.  It’s great to see a black plus-size women as the face of a major beauty brand.  Urban Decay’s Pretty Different campaign is Lizzo first major beauty campaign.  Wende Zomnir, Chief Creative Officer/Founding Partner of Urban Decay said “They (Global Citizens) are the true definition of ‘Pretty Different’ and embody the spirit of UD. Because being different doesn’t only mean being ‘weird’ or going against the status quo—it means you being you.”


Lizzo in chicago

I was the invited guest Patrice of Afrobella and Urban Decay to the Chicago Lizzo concert at the Aragon Ballroom.  The concert was the perfect way to kick off fall.  The standing room only event was nothing less than a Lizzo love fest!  It’s like everyone know every word to every one of her songs.

Not only does Lizzo put on a great show but she’s a true motivation to keep going.  In an interview, she revealed that the initial lack of success for “Truth Hurts”—what she had thought to be her best song yet at the time—caused her to seriously consider quitting the music industry altogether.  Almost two years after its original release Lizzo’s single “Truth Hurts” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100,  She made history as the first Black solo female R&B singer to claim the top spot on the Hot 100 since “Diamonds” the 2012 hit by Rihanna.  Just a friendly reminder that dreams can take time to come true.

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