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Within this blog post, I’ll be sharing my experience at Wndr Museum Chicago. Wndr re-imagines the traditional museum experience, inviting you to tap into the curiosity and playfulness that lives within and around all of us.


“I have a flood of ideas in my mind. I just follow my vision.”_Yayoi Kusama




A $32 ticket gets you one hour of access to the museum experience (You must buy tickets online. Tickets are not sold at the door.).  Wndr Museum is located at 1130 W. Monroe St. Chicago, IL 60607.  The exhibit functions as a massive funhouse for adults.  Wndr Museum says they are providing an immersive experience in which the thoughtful curation of world-class art alongside provocative, emerging artists as well as visitor-made art creates an unforgettable journey that reveals the wonders of the world around us.  All purchases are final with no refunds or reschedules.

Wndr Museum is home to Chicago’s first ever Infinity Mirror Room by iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, wndr places works from Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger, and Alex Israel in conversation with thought-provoking, innovative technologies, and stunning installations. With every moment comes an opportunity to be creative, ask questions, and, most importantly, play.



MY 3 FAVORITE installations AT Wndr Museum CHICAGO


The Wndr Museum’s current theme: All Heroes Need A Guide.  The Wndr Museum just celebrated it’s 1 year birthday and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.  The installations are super cute and Instagram worthy.

Of the Wndr Museum’s installations, my 3 favorites were the “Small and Tall”, Infinity Mirror Room and “Sitting Room” (It has a lip couch!





Now I that I have experienced the Wndr Museum.  Yes I would attend again.  Knowing how Wndr works is the key to having fun.  Once you’re in, you’re IN! There is no re-entry.  It’s an one hour experience.  It’s strongly suggested that guests arrive no later than 30 minutes after their scheduled time.  And an early arrival does guaranteed an early entry.

I attend this influencer event my good friend and blogger boo Keyonda of arealurbanmom.  However, if you attend solo they have staff available to take your pictures.  If you love the Instagram worthy pictures and Wndr Museum offers that!




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