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I writing this for my family, friends and even the people that read my thoughts regularly here.¬† Writing and running a personal blog is very difficult.¬† Add to that the issue of race and you in a sense have doubled or tripled complication of getting your message out.¬† Almost every time I talk with a fellow blogger of color, the conversation turns to business, money, and blogging while brown.¬† As bloggers of color, we have the same issues as every other blogger like how should my blog look,¬† what to place in sidebar,¬† ads or no ads, affiliate programs and of course how to get noticed.¬† Often times we’re left to figure it out on our own.¬† If you’re not getting a true return on the investment being made into your¬†blog one could be left feeling that like you’re paying to blog.

Bloggers often are the voice of their community.¬† We alert you to things that are happening in your area.¬† Bloggers¬†tell you about new things on the market.¬† Bloggers¬†try before you buy.¬† We.¬† We proved you with valuable and trusted voice free of change.¬† I started thefatgirloffashion.com five years ago to give a voice to Chicago plus size community.¬† Some have mastered the¬†gauntlet to turn this their content into¬†compensation.¬† For those among us¬†who haven’t here are a few things that can be done to help us along our way.


Support bloggers of color .

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If you have an email subscribe to bloggers of colors newsletter.¬† You can start with mine¬†here.¬† Subscribing is much appreciated.¬† (Pull the newsletter out of spam) It doesn’t cost anything!¬† Follow them everywhere you can, but the newsletter is definitely a biggie.¬† If you’re on social media follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter also.


Share their content and credit them   

I don’t know many bloggers that aren’t present on every social network.¬† If you prefer Facebook and want share a post you just read tag the blogger’s Facebook like page.¬† On the chance that post goes viral it helps to note who created the content.¬† If you don’t know how to tag it’s ok!¬† But please know a like, share or retweet is much appreciated.¬† We want our community, and at the end of the day, to find what we’re sharing helpful and that’s an easy way for us to know you’re enjoying the content.


Leave a comment  

We are a family like a giant tree reaching up to the sky (Random Dreamgirls quote).¬† However, it does work here.¬† We are a family.¬† We are a community.¬† Voice your questions.¬† Voice your concerns.¬† Voice your thoughts.¬† I get a lot of DMs when I post something of social media.¬† At times I’m DM’d the same question by multiple people.¬† For aesthetic purposes some post’s captions are informational.¬† Those lead to questions.¬† As a micro-blogger, I have the luxury of responding to every comment made on all my platforms.¬† If your question isn’t personal like the question in the comments.¬† Leaving the question in the comments does two things.¬† It may be a question already answered and reading the comments you might see your answer.¬† Second, it shows brands that bloggers of color have engaged communities.¬† It says “We’re here! We’re a part of this!‚Ä̬† You don’t have to do it on every blog post or Instagram picture buttttttttt we would be mad if you do!


Support bloggers of color ....



Shop your favorite brands through bloggers of color

All the bloggers of color you love are part of an affiliate program or two.¬† What’s an affiliate program?¬† It’s a program set up by brands to pay an¬†influencer for products that their community buys.¬† No blogger is quitting their day job over an affiliate payout.¬† Honestly, it’s often pennies.¬† With that being said every penny counts!¬† I’m an “I’ll try before you buy blogger”.¬† As a petite plus size blogger, I purchase new collection so that my community can see how it looks on some that looks more like them and not the hourglass models most brands use.¬† For example, the post I did for Target’s Universal Thread.¬† This is a new label by Target and I had a post out on the day of the release.¬† The clothing wasn’t gifted nor was the post sponsored.¬† Shopping through our links helps us in purchasing the products you want to be reviewed.


Let us know when we got it wrong

I’m dyslexic.¬† I openly share this because I have nothing to be ashamed of.¬† I know I get things wrong.¬† I push through!¬† I also know a lot of people feel some kind of way when it comes to letting people know they’ve made a mistake.¬† I believe if you’re coming from a place of helpfulness people won’t take offense.¬† I use correction apps but I still make mistakes just let a sister know.¬† Now that something for the DMs, lol.¬† This also includes if a link doesn’t work or a page it’s loading.¬† Tell us so we can fix it!


Support bloggers of color ..



Show up and bring a friend

When your favorite blogger is hosting an event purchase a ticket and show up.¬† Take pictures and post them on social media.¬† Use their hashtag.¬† The hashtag I recently started is #afatgirlwithstyle.¬† Don’t go to the event alone.¬† If you can bring a friend with you.¬† The more the merrier!¬† Community¬†participation is how bloggers of color get sponsors to support the swag bags we all love.




Support bloggers of color ...



Pass along our business cards

If you receive a business called for a blogger of color.¬† Please¬†use that card to follow their blog and find them on social media.¬† Then please pass that same card to someone you know that would like their content.¬† Don’t leave it at the bottom of your purse or take it our your wallet and place it in a drawer.¬† Keep their message moving by handing off their business card.



In being this post to an end I want to thank each and everyone who has supported me along the way of my blog journey.  Who would have known a random thought in my head would turn into me being a part of a wonderful community.  As bloggers of color, we have a unique voice.  We often represent the underrepresented.  Support us so we can continue to support you!



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