Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re far too kind!

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Let me start off by saying thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes.  As days roll into one another a birthday can make one stop and reflect on life achievements.  You can be left feeling uplifted or let down depending on how you approach the subject.  We can offend set unrealistic timelines for ourselves to hit certain goals.  By now I should have a car, a husband, a kid or two, a degree and a home.  Well, I have achieved none of those things.  Happy birthday to me!

I’m very happy with my life.¬† Those things the world tell me I should have really don’t move me.¬† Who needs a car and I have Uber?!¬† A husband would be nice.¬† I mean someone to take my blog photo on a regular plus he can take the trash out.¬† Now that’s love.¬† I would like to complete my degree but time isn’t my best friend. A house won’t work because there aren’t single family homes in downtown Chicago.¬† So those things don’t make or break me.¬† Happy birthday to me!

I say all that to say this.¬† Live your life on your own terms.¬† Be the best for you.¬† Don’t compare yourself to others.¬† My most important life rule is “Stay in your own lane and drive at your own speed.”

I have taken time to reflect on what I would like to do during my next 365 days of life.¬† I want to continue¬†to be a voice for women.¬† I want to continue to be a positive¬†image for people of color.¬† I want to continue¬†to use my¬†platform as free space for those who are made to feel less than.¬† I want to spend more time with my¬†friends and family.¬† The older you became the more love ones you’ll¬†lose.¬† I’ve said this before ‘Time is not my friend.”¬†

People often wear black for¬†sad occasions.¬† I choose to wear all black as a part of my celebration.¬† I feel black is beautiful.¬† This black sweater with rhinestones and beaded stars I received¬†was perfect¬†sparkle¬†need.¬† I paired them patent leather pants that are¬†so on trend right now.¬† Anyone following my Instagram nows I’m turning into the Mad Hatter; lol.¬† So this beret¬†was right on time.¬† I paired it with some bomb gloves and my rhinestone envelope clutch.¬† I needed every accessory like Iris Apfel.¬† I felt very beautiful and comfortable in this look. With all the heartfelt birthday wishes I felt and feel really loved¬†by¬†the people that support me personally and my blog.¬† Again,¬†Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re far too kind!

I received the INC International Concepts Anna Sui Loves Plus Size Embellished Sweater compliments of the plus size department at Macy’s however; All opinions are my own.   

S H O P   T H I S  L O O K

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