Traveling To London | What I’m Doing To Prepare

Preparing Traveling To London For Fashion Week“Pray for me.  I’m about to hit the Ye button.  I don’t wanna say nothin’ wrong.  But it’d be wrong if I ain’t say nothin’.  Imagine if I ain’t say somethin’.” _Kanye West (Champions)





I’m excited to see what 2018 has to offer.  2017 has been one hell of a year.  My goodness, I could do a whole post about all the crazy that’s been going on.  However, I’m staying upbeat in these troubling times by focusing on positive future plans.  For 2018 my planned trip to London is huge!  Originally the trip was focused on Paris however after seeing online reports from Simply Be‘s showing #THECURVECATWALK on the eve of London Fashion Week I know I had to attend in 2018.  I’m a lover of fashion and travel and when the two meet I’m all for it.  I’m writing this post because I get messages from many people saying I wish I could travel but I don’t have the money, time, people to go with me, etc, etc, etc.  I’m here to tell you as a working-class girl with a full-time job that travels solo you can see the world too.


Preparing Traveling To London For Fashion Week simply be

First things first if you’re traveling outside of the US you’ll need a passport.  Relax a passport is very easy to get.  Here’s what I know about getting a US passport.  Current cost: $110.  You’ll need documents like current government-issued ID, government-issued birth certificate, and a single 2-by-2-inch passport photo.  It can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to receive it.  Find out more about getting a passport here.  I have mine so get yours!

Note: International can be a lot for a first-time traveler so pick an event happening in another city and travel during that time.  For example, Essence Fest is a great time to visit New Orleans or Chicago for The Taste of Chicago.


Preparing Traveling To London For Fashion Week simply be plus size


I connect online with influencers from the area in which I’m going.  Twitter is a great way to get chatty with people.  I ask questions like what’s the best place to stay.  I ask their opinion on good things to do while there.  I follow their feed because many influencer tweet out about fun things happening locally.


Preparing Traveling To London For Fashion Week simply be, YSL


I manage my travel budget by purchasing flights one way at a time.  Purchasing your leaving and returning tickets all together doesn’t always save you money.  Internationally can be a little bit different but split buying tickets can relieve the pressure on your wallet.

Note: Don’t go too long without buying the other ticket.  You don’t want the other flight to sell out and you can’t complete your trip.


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I don’t risk staying at any old hotel.  I’m a fan of chains so you know what you’re getting.  I’m not saying all chains are perfect.  I have had a recent bad experience with the worldwide chain that I often use.  However, I find issues are easier resolved when you can deal with a larger company.

Side note: I’m a “member” of that chain’s rewards program and I get points that can be used for free stays.



I’m excited about this gift to myself.  London is a place I’ve been waiting to visit for a long time.  I’ll be updating you monthly on how my plans are going.  I have so much to do.

Is there a place you’ve always to visit?  Why?  Leave it in the comments I would love to know.







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  1. I’ve been wanting to get to London since I had a friend stay for the summer there. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. I’m going on a vacation every month this year, so it won’t be possible for me this year, I don’t think, but I will definitely be visiting London within the next couple of years.

    1. Where would you suggest I go while in London? And I’ve never been to Nando but I have added to my list. Thank you.

  2. So my only question is, is their room for me in your suitcase?!? Im so jelly! Make sure you pack this outfit too super cuteeee!

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