Traveling To London | What I’m Doing To Prepare

‚ÄúPray for me. ¬†I’m about to hit the Ye button. ¬†I don’t wanna say nothin’ wrong. ¬†But it’d be wrong if I ain’t say nothin’. ¬†Imagine if I ain’t say somethin’.‚Ä̬†_Kanye West (Champions)





I’m excited to see what 2018 has to offer. ¬†2017 has been one hell of a year. ¬†My goodness, I could do a whole post about all the crazy that’s been going on. ¬†However, I’m staying upbeat in these troubling times by focusing on positive future plans. ¬†For 2018 my planned trip to London is huge! ¬†Originally the trip was focused on Paris however after seeing online reports from Simply Be‘s showing #THECURVECATWALK on the eve of London Fashion Week I know I had to attend in 2018. ¬†I’m a lover of fashion and travel and when the two meet I’m all for it. ¬†I’m wearing this post because I get messages from many people saying I wish I could travel but I don’t have the money, time, people to go with me, etc, etc, etc. ¬†I’m here to tell you as a working-class girl with a full-time job that travels solo you can see the world too.


First things first if you’re traveling outside of the US you’ll need a passport. ¬†Relax a passport is very easy to get. ¬†Here’s what I know about getting a US passport. ¬†Current cost: $110. ¬†You’ll need documents like current government-issued ID, government-issued birth certificate, and a¬†single 2-by-2-inch passport photo. ¬†It can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to receive it. ¬†Find out more about getting a passport here. ¬†I have mine so get yours!

Note: International can be a lot for a first-time traveler so pick an event happening in another city and travel during that time.  For example, Essence Fest is a great time to visit New Orleans or Chicago for The Taste of Chicago.



I connect online with influencers¬†from the area in which I’m going.¬† Twitter is a great way to get chatty with people.¬† I ask questions like what’s the best place to stay.¬† I ask their opinion on good things to do while there.¬† I follow their feed because¬†many influencer¬†tweet¬†out about fun things happening locally.




I manage¬†my travel budget by purchasing flights one way at a time.¬† Purchasing your leaving and returning tickets all together doesn’t always save you money.¬† Internationally can be a little bit different but split buying tickets can relieve the pressure on your wallet.

Note: Don’t go too long without buying the other ticket.¬† You don’t want the other flight to sell out and you can’t complete your trip.





I don’t risk staying at any¬†old hotel.¬† I’m a fan of chains so you know what you’re getting.¬† I’m not saying all chains are perfect.¬† I have had a recent bad experience¬†with the worldwide chain that I often use.¬† However, I find issues are easier resolved when you can deal with a larger company.

Side note: I’m a “member” of that chain’s rewards program and I get points that can be used for free stays.



I’m excited about this gift to myself.¬† London is a place I’ve been waiting to visit for a long time.¬†¬†I’ll be updating you monthly on how my plans are going.¬† I have so much to do.

Is there a place you’ve always to visit?¬† Why?¬† Leave it in the comments I would love to know.







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