5 Random Facts About theFatGirlofFashion


I started blogger because I wanted the world to know that Chicago had women that were plus size and fashionable. Overwhelming engagement thefatgirloffashion expanded to include lifestyle.   We discuss things like travel, food, and reviews. We all know my motto is “I’m happy with me.” If you’re happy with yourself than you will be more likely to live life on your own terms.  That’s why randomness is important.  With that being said here are 5 random facts about me.


Random fact number one is I’m going to Paris.  Paris, France is the plan for my 40th birthday.  I’m counting down the seconds!  I’m on the fence about how long to stay and what to do when I arrive.  Of course I’ll do all the regular tourist things but I want to see street culture off the beaten path. We’ll see.



Random fact two is I’ve grown into a real makeup junkie.  It use to take me about 3o mins to do my eyebrows.  I know along time but they were fleek.  Over time now I can do just as good of a job within a quarter of the time.  I use 3 products.  First brushing the hairs with an e.l.f. wand.  Then shaping with a Wet N Wild pencil and LA Girl concealer in color fawn & toast applied with an e.l.f. 1814 brush.


Random fact number 3 is that my favorite movie of all time is The Color Purple.  Followed up closely by Dream Girls.  When I first moved out on my own I didn’t have cable.  Only a VCR player.  Yes VCR, lol.  I would watch The Color Purple over and over.  The storyline was powerful and the acting was amazing.  My favorite line from the movie is captured in Miss Celie Voice.

“I’m poor, black, I might even be ugly, but dear God, I’m here. I’m here.”


Random fact 4.   I loooooove social media.  I adore being connected to people world wide.  Seeing things from the point of view others is how one grows.
We can connect everywhere.
The last random fact is that if I could move today I would move to Los Angeles
NO MORE SNOW, lol.  I love Chicago.  If I could move Chicago to a warmer climate I would do it in a heartbeat.  New York would be idea for a blogger but the weather there is no better than Chicago.  Like I said before I love Chicago so they’re stuck with me.


You can follow this blog on Bloglovin here.  Also lately I’ve be doing most of my posting on snapchat@fatgirl_fashion. My snapchat friends were the first to know about the location I selected for my blog’s 3rd year anniversary brunch.  They saw first hand my Beyonce’s Formation tour experience and a NYC trip for theCurvycon.  My snaps showed L.A. for BlogHer and ATL for TCFStyleExpo.  To top is off Chicago of course.  So be sure to follow on snapchat so you don’t miss any of the action.  thefatgirloffashion.com can be found on InstagramFacebook and Twitter also.

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