M.A.C. Cosmetics X Taraji P. Henson #MACTaraji Reviewed


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I was able to snag a few pieces for the M.A.C. Cosmetics X Taraji P. Henson collaboration. ¬†I was very excited about the collection. ¬†I’ve already written about the collaboration and the items that are apart of it. Below is a link to that blog post.




You can read about the full M.A.C. Cosmetics x Taraji P. Henson Collection | #MACTaraji here.







My thoughts: ¬†Where do I start. ¬†The roll out of this collaboration went south from the start. ¬†I watched a YouTuber¬†VICKYLOGAN¬†review on the collection and in her review she was describe the products and it appeared off. ¬†It totally wasn’t her fault. ¬†After receiving my order I immediately noticed the mineralize skinfinishes were¬†labeled wrong. ¬†I made videos showing my snapchat boos the error.


I’m disappointed that M.A.C. Cosmetics nor Taraji have address this issue publicly. ¬†Mine is not an isolated case. ¬†I know mistakes happens but it’s the lack of public response it what makes consumers update. ¬†I tweeted about this and below you’ll see M.A.C.’s response. Please note that on twitter if there isn’t a word or punctuation before the twitter handle only people that follow both accounts¬†will be able to see the tweet. ¬†I added a period when addressing M.A.C. however when responding back to me and I’m sure others with the same issue M.A.C. isn’t making their responses public.




The mislabeling matters because collections like this are limited edition and thus making them collector items for makeup junkies. ¬†I’ve emailed them and haven’t heard back as of yet. ¬†I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the outcome.




Now to the makeup. ¬†As a darker woman of color this collection didn’t make my heart skip a beat. ¬†The lippie is bomb! ¬†It’s not really matte like M.AC.’s other matte lipsticks but I like it. ¬†I do feel you can get a lip colors very close to Strip Me Down in M.A.C.’s color range already. ¬†Color like M.A.C.’s Taupe. ¬†Or even dup colors from drug store brands like Iman’s¬†Rebel or L’Or√©al¬†Divine Wine. ¬†I found the highlight “Highlight The Truth”¬†to be powdery and doesn’t¬†have the pop that I personal like in a highlighter. ¬†Highlight The Truth is no Gold Deposit. ¬†It’s a soft bronze coral with golden shimmer. ¬†I feel you can get something close with e.l.f.’s¬†Baked Highlighter¬†Blush Gems¬†for way less. ¬†The only stand out star is the bush, Taraji Glow. ¬†It’s a slow-baked powder with 77-Mineral Complex that provides a natural, dimensional finish.¬† It’s a color I haven’t seen really but even with that I think that if you mix two other blush color together and can get close. ¬†I spent almost $90 for 3 products and I’m not happy shopaholic.






View my YouTube Review here!!!!!



Did you get anything from the collection?  What are your thoughts? 



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