The Steve Harvey show had a segment on curvy women and what to wear yesterday.  It really was a promo segment for Tim’s doc-series coming to Centric called Curvy Style with Timothy Snell.  I originally found out the airing though Gabi “Fresh” Greg who promoted the use of her photo on the show via social media.  After the show aired many women of size were offended by the comments the two men had to say about how curvy/plus size/ fat women should dress this upcoming summer.

My twitter time line was buzzing with ladies commenting on how the segment was body shamming fat women.  I saw people saying Gabi should sue them (The Steve Harvey Show).  At that time I had not seen the segment. I reached out to Gabi to see what the uproar was about.  She said that the show contacted her for the use of her image for a segment on curvy style.  Gabi “They weren’t rude about me, just didn’t like the overall message they sent that you have to be toned etc”

I watched the piece for myself.  Timothy and Steve made a point to say women of size shouldn’t show to much skin.  They also added the plus women should added mesh or sheer fabrics to their dress to as “men don’t wanna see all that.”  They used the image of Gabi wearing Monif C.  two piece Moira set.  Gabi looks great.  However for this two say that plus girls so wear mesh is just as bad as saying keep it completely covered.


Well Tim and Steve have a seat.  You’re not the boss of me.  In 2016 the media still trying to tell women what to wear.  My fat untoned body will be wear crop tops, two piece and non mesh outfits all summer and so will other plus size fatties!  It’s my body and I’ll wear what the hell I want.


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  1. As a skinny girl, my opinion on what curvy girls should wear doesn’t matter whatsoever but can I just say I LOVE IT when curvy girls rock literally whatever they want to wear. Like… seriously, these two can shut their faces. Show as much skin as you want, who cares if men don’t want to see it! Everyone should be able to wear whatever the hell they want and everyone else can deal.

    You keep rocking yourself. And I’ll keep being over here like yes, girl, you get it.


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