whowhatwear for Target offers Plus Sizes



WhoWhatWear for Target‘s fashion partnership will feature pieces inspired by street style looks spotted outside Fashion Week shows.  In reviewing the looks I don’t get Fashion Week “street fashion” however the pieces are lovely.  The exclusive WhoWhatWear for Target line will include plus sizes and I’m always for that.  



Who What Wear Target 2

WhoWhatWear for Target will be a monthly capsule collection. The collaboration will combine fashion trends with editorial data and user feedback from the Who What Wear’s community.  The monthly capsule will have almost 70 pieces with size starting at 2 with a range up to 26.


img_1547Puff Sleeve Jacket | Zipper Front Skirt


WhoWhatWear co-founder Hillary Kerr said of the selection of the collection pieces “It’s a little bit of art, and a little bit of science.”  Katherine Power, WhoWhatWear another co-founder, adds their teams will be having “an open dialogue” with consumers about what’s working each month, what’s missing, and what people actually want to shop for.


img_1543Asymmetric Hem Dress

Target wants you to do all your style updating with them.  You can start making space in your closets, fashionistas—of Who What Wear, Hillary Kerr, and Katherine Power,  have a full assortment, feminine prints, dramatic silhouettes and bold accessories:


img_1544Ruffle Cuff Blouse  | Tapered Leg Patent Paperbag Trouser


theCURVYcon 2017 | A plus size eventthecurvycon-2017theCURVYcon 2017 | A plus size event


WhoWhatWear say they worked with some really great fabrics to keep outfits looking expensive (textured cottons, guipure lace, and linen jersey, to name a few) and incorporated eye-grabbing prints and colors, all inspired by street style from around the world.


img_1545Pioneer Lace Tank Top


Hillary Kerr wrote on Instagram “To have a line of clothing and accessories at Target.” The project’s monthly-delivery model has no end date, and the collaboration will hit 800 Target stores (as well as Target.com and a dedicated boutique on WhoWhatWear) “for years to come.” 


img_1546Skinny Crop Pants


WhoWhatWear for Target will be offering wardrobe builders, like faux-leather moto jacket, and the perfect Frayed Edge Denim Crop jeans. The collaboration will also include of-the-moment pieces for you to experiment with—like lace trim camis and Pleated Midi Skirt. You’ll be able elevated your accessories to tie your ensembles together, with the stylish selection of bags.


You can find the entire WHO WHAT WEAR collection here!


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  1. Please put more plus size colorful clothing in your stores also more 10 to 12 size shoes. Thanks so much!

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