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Just in time for the release of the “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” and “Sisters” starting Amy Poehler & Tina Fey the Block 37 AMC movie theater will open to the public Dec. 17th.  The dine-in movie theater will be located at the top floor of the Block 37 mall. When the 11-screen theater opens it’ll be the largest movie theater in the Chicago Loop.
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The long awaited Block 37 movie theater will feature AMC’s signature MacGuffin’s bar.  The location will be the only in Chicago to include AMC’s “Cinema Suites” experience. Cinema Suites, for people 18 and older, features reserved power recliners with individual tables for theater dining and cocktails for those of age, delivered by servers at the push of a button.  They are trying to make Block 37 a night and weekend destination.  Block 37 has already taking those steps by adding a latin-themed food court called Latinicity.  The Chicago Loop’s location wants to be where you dine, shop and come to be entertained.  From what I’ve seen they’ve hit the nail right on the head!    

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I was invite to preview the luxury theater before it opened to the public.  I must say I’m very impressed.  The location looked great.  The staff was very friendly and courtesy.  The food is amazing and priced well.  With food cost ranging from $8 to $16 dollars.  I’ve done a separate post about the food at Block 37 AMC Movie Theater Food Review | CHICAGO LOOP.  Each viewing room seats 40.  This I liked the most.  I got an at home theater feel.  The leather seats were very soft and separate from my neighbor so I was able to recline without causing issues with the people around me.  I’m very pleased with my entire movie experience at Block 37 AMC movie theater.  

Below are some photos from my visit to the Block 37 AMC located at 108 S. State 4th fl. 

Block37 10Block37 5

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block37 new

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