Coach Fall 2023

Coach Fall 2023.  Coach has showed us their fall collection for 2023.  I have thoughts.

Coach Fall 2023

The Coach Fall 2023 show was held at the Park Avenue Armory for Coach’s fall collection.  The show gave an up close and personal look at the line in the “reception rooms” at the front of the space.  Coach’s creative director Stuart Vevers said “There’s a certain sense of intimacy that I wanted to bring to the collection and to the way we present it.”  He then when on to say “I want it to feel like we’ve invited you into our home; you’re much closer to the collection, much closer to the cast.”



Coach had many know front rom guess like Ice Spice and Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Zoey Deutch and more.  However, the true star of the show were the fashion.  For me I currently can’t speak to my favorite.  The show opened with a long knitted striped turtleneck in a mended/repaired style with an intarsia apple bearing the NY initials inside.  There are so many most have shearling pieces,  double-breasted distressed metallic yellow jacket worn with matching flared pants.  Coach also gave use maxi skirts,  cropped and oversized jackets.  And of course leather bags.   



Speaking of bags Coach brought the fun.  They served up their leather handbags in shapes like apples, hearts, stars and my favorite of course is the lips shaped purse. You can see the full runway show below. 


Coach Fall 2023 Show






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