Sloomoo Institute | Things To Do In Chicago

Sloomoo Institute | Things To Do In Chicago.  Are you part of the slime gang?  I am.  Keep reading to see why?

Sloomoo Institute |

Things To Do In Chicago



What is the Sloomoo Institute?


A play on the trend from 2017 in the slime community online where vowels in names are replaced with double Os is how we got the name, Sloomoo.  The Institute is an immersive experience that taps into the joy of multi-sensory play with locations in NYC, Atlanta, and yes Chicago!  It offers a slime experience truly fit for kids of all ages.  Launched in October of 2019 to offer the magic of slime and sensory play to the world through both in-person experiences along with slime products available on location or online


Things to do at Sloomoo Institute Chicago?

Sloomoo Institute | Things To Do In Chicago blog post was not done in collaboration with Sloomoo Institute.  The experience was gifted, however, all opinions are my own.


  • DIY Slime Bar – Make your own creations with a mix of 40 colors, 60 fragrances, and 100+ charms to make over four million slime creations. The DIY slime bar is included in the general admission retail experience, allowing visitors to take home an 8 oz slime with a $18 retail value.


  • Slimey Mirror interactive, full-wall projection mapped cove in a day glow, black light room of hand painted wallpaper and stalagmites. 


  • Sloomoo Falls interactive, full-wall projection mapped cove in a day glow, black light room of hand painted wallpaper and stalagmites.  


  • Lake Sloomoo – over 350 gallons of slime to walk on slime (required to alcohol wipe before use) along with an obstacle course. 



  • ASMR “Synthesoothers” – six individual tracks that reflect various satisfying sounds: crunchy, liquid, everyday such as footsteps and typing, slime oriented, and more. Um… one is slime farts for a funny surprise. 




  • 35 Slime Vats on the floor in the venue – for dipping hands into!



  • Slingshot – A large-scale sling shot is on hand to do the one thing you can never do at home – catapult slime at someone (who stands behind plexi)



  • HeART of Slime, a game that measures your heart rate and provides biometric feedback based on how you respond to slime. When relaxed, projections of intelligent slime mold project across the table quickly. When excited, the projections move more slowly.



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My thoughts


Basically, I had a wonderful time at the Sloomo Institute.  The Real Urban Mom, the boys and I had a blast.  The institute was very busy.  We did, however, visited on a holiday and it appears everyone had the same ideal as us.  Going during sensory hours is best if your child can’t handle being around a somewhat large group of children.  I would suggest planning a meal afterwards as there is no food serviced.  Also there is no eating and drinking allowed inside as a way to discourage placing hands in mouth.  We spent around 1 hour and a half which is about the time most people spend there after checking in.



More Sloomoo Institute Deets


Lastly, the fine print, lol.  Just kidding.  But here’s some important deets.  The Sloomo Institute is located at 820 North Orleans Street, Chicago IL.  Currently the institute is open daily but the hours vary depending on the day selected.  Please note: Sloomoo Institute offer “sensory hours” that tailors its experience by turning down the volume and limiting ticket availability to cater to an audience with heightened sensitivities.  It’s best to check ticketing site for the most up-to-date availability,   

Tickets start at $39 which includes an 8 oz slime from the DIY bar.  Or you can updated to the Enhanced Experience for $69.  You can find more information here.


Are you going to Sloomoo Institute Chicago?

For travel information, visit or save with my codes for Uber latoyaw21 or Lyft LATOYA308013.  If you drive can save $5 on your parking space with my SpotHero link. 




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