#Blackbeyondmeasure | #BHM Target

#Blackbeyondmeasure | #BHM Target.  In celebration of Black History Month Target has released an awesome grouping of products.  Keep reading to see the Black created items.

#Blackbeyondmeasure |

#BHM Target


All photos are from Target’s website & social media accounts.



6 Can’t-Miss Partnerships

This year Target has partnered with 6 amazing creators.  Those creators include Sammy B, Little Giants Giant Shorties, Ade + Ayo, Rayo & Honey, DomoINK, and Pillow Spripts.  These creators and brands are offering everything from clothes to home goods.

Other creators that have added their talents to the Black History Month.  Those creators are Jeanetta Gonzales, Dennis Brown, Chibia Ulinwa, Robin Lewallen, Schentell Nunn and Alice Butts. They have created everything from head wraps to decorative pillows.  I’m a fan of pretty much everything.


The creators behind the collection

Bringing life to their vision from the fibers in the fabric to the inspiration and design see more here!


All the items in this year’s Black History Month Target collection range in price from $3 to $80.  What roughly 154 items to select from.  Click here to see the complete line now.  I did purchase a few #Blackbeyondmeasure | #BHM items while shopping the Tabitha Brown for Target Home Edition #2 selection.  I have listed them below.

Black, Beautiful, Proud T-Shirt Standing In Your Truth Jacket | Sammy B Blue Floral Shirt Sammy B Blue Floral Trousers


Are you getting anything from the #Blackbeyondmeasure | #BHM Target collection?




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